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Simcoe in Production

Simcoe in Production

Posted on 15 December 2013

Editors note. As many know, Simcoe was started by four Curbside employees. Having travelled most of Europe and North America, and having imported the best of Europe and North America and selling it to consumers face-to-face, we realized that the chief problem with every bike we had sold is that none of them were actually designed for the Northeast, in particular, Toronto. What was needed is a bike that could at once be light enough to lift inside and tough enough to be stored outside (yes, all year). And, it had to be beautiful. Simcoe was a deep collaboration between Dave Anthony (former head of R&D at Cervelo), Marcus Uran (former designer at Concrete and owner of Metsa clothing), Brooks of England, and Curbside. Due to rapid growth and the difficulty of capitalization, Simcoe was sold to Hawley-Lambert, the second largest bicycle wholesaler in North America who unfortunately did not tend the brand very well. However, today, thanks to the Canadian European Trade Agreement and a lot of research (and travel) we've found an even better solution with Germany's Fahrradmanufaktur,  a bike that shares the same evolution in materials and geometry but capitalizes on access to top-notch German parts - something we were unable to do out of Taiwan.

- February 2019

It's official. We're ecstatic to announce that Simcoe began its 2014 production on September 3rd, 2013. Below are some of the top-secret snapshots taken from our agent in Taiwan. Note the new colours on the new Basic 3sp and 7sp speed model, the new Simcoe rack design (perfect for doubling your sweetheart), the classy stamped fork and the Simcoe edition Pantone laces sent to us from our friend Gianmarco at Brooks in Italy. And, be sure to download the price-sheet and catalog from the bottom of the page. Simcoe is a bike for shops who understand.

Simcoe is the evolution of the city bike.

City bikes tend to be tribal objects. A Dutch bike works for the Dutch. A Danish bike for the Danes. Even a California city bike, designed for North America, falls prey to the rust of the Northeast. If you examine a Dutch, Danish, Italian, British and California city bike they have almost nothing in common. Tribal objects. And so, from the great melting pot of the industrial Northeast we've transformed Dutch rust-resistance, Italian lightness, British craftmanship, and Danish sartorialism into the first truly North American city bike. A bike for all tribes.

Simcoe is serious transportation. It's made for perpetual outdoor storage in salty Northeast winters. It's light enough to lift into your Manhattan flat. It's high performance geometry for the hills and sprawl of California. It's designed by the former head of R&D at Cervelo to keep you safe, efficient, and comfortable. It has remarkable details: a double-crown fork, leather washers on the fenders, threaded bosses for a Dutch style lock, a full chaincase that mechanics don't hate, Schwalbe tires. double-walled rims with stainless eyelets, and beautiful rust-resistant powdercoats in real Pantones. Simcoe is no stone unturned.

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