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Curbside and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Curbside and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Posted on 11 November 2007

Editors note: maybe it was silly, but it felt pretty exhilarating to have several of the products we carried recognized as seminal design classics at MoMA. We still do the odd Moulton, SIGG bottles are long gone (a shame), and the Biomega Marc Newson was always a concept vehicle. 

- February 2016

A leg band will not really keep your pants clean, but a better designed bike will. See, at Curbside we love good design and we work hard to get it. Yeah, we're tooting our own horn here, and we don't care, but we're pretty proud that we carry several products permanently on display at MoMA. First is the Marc Newson bike, designed by the rock star designer himself. The Marc Newson is the first true attempt to open the bicycle up to possibilities beyond the ubiquitious aesthetics of bare-minimum technocratic functionalism. Second: the iconic Alex Moulton. The Moulton was an attempt to create the most functional bike ever, and, by attending carefully to every possible detail each bike is a work of art. Third, the SIGG bottle, long recognized as an alternative to plastic drinking containers - safe, healthy, and simply gorgeous. Fourth, and finally, the Freitag bags - the first time high concept design and sustainability met in a product that not only challenges what a 'brand' means, but also what 'raw materials' mean. See, we think good design, mobility, and form are inextricably intertwined - and a great deal of the products we carry have won some design award or another. Why? Because they offer solutions, real solutions. One product that will never win a design award? The neon yellow leg band. It tries hard, but it's a band aid for a better bike.

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