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We are all about the Toronto Cyclists Union

We are all about the Toronto Cyclists Union

Posted on 11 November 2007

Editors note: we've always been strong supporters of Cycle Toronto, and so should you. They have brought you the Richmond and Adelaide bike lanes, the Sherbourne bike lane, and the very soon-to-be Bloor bike lane. 

- February 2016



At Curbside we sell bikes to everyone, but the greatest part of our business is the bicycle commuter. As far as bike stores go, we're odd that way. For a long time we have been waiting for an advocacy group that we can stand behind, and the Toronto Cyclists Union. is it. See, here's the thing. Most of our customers would never join bicycle advocacy groups because bicycle advocacy was too exclusive, too ideological, and too black and white about things. The Toronto Cyclists Union is the first group we have seen that seeks the widest inclusive membership possible, is willing to work with business, especially the bicycle business, and has a practically oriented means-ends political lobby that any cycle commuter would stand behind. Membership driven - for a small fee - the Toronto Cyclists Union can focus in on issues that are ward specific since it will database its members by ward. This is a powerful tool. In other words, The TCU never loses sight of the 'big issues' (bike lanes, safety, etc.) but channels them up the political process in the most politically local way possible. It's real bicycle lobby - and we're right behind it. Moreover, the TCU will offer roadside repairs and a magazine to boot. The TCU received a nice little review in this weekends Globe and Mail.

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