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Cycling in High Heels

Cycling in High Heels

Posted on 25 November 2007

Editors note: many years after this article we met with Mikeal Colville-Anderson of Copenhagen Cycle Chic (in Copenhagen) and discovered he is not only Canadian, but from Fort McMurray!! A strange destiny has befallen this man, and we thank him for his aspirational message that cycling is, at its best, glamourous. 

- February 2016


Curbside is one of those few bike stores in North America that is in touch with its feminine side, and so we really like the blogsite "Copenhagen Cycle Chic", dedicated to the female cyclist who eschews spandex and yellow jackets for regular street attire, including high heels. This is a fun site to check out, and it truly reveals the difference between European and North American bicycle commuter ideals. While most shops are trying to get people out on complicated 'female specific' multispeed bikes that require shorts or spandex to ride, European cyclists arrive at work sweat free and looking fabulous to boot. Why? Because of their bikes, silly. Bicycle advocacy in high heels - now that's progress. Check it out here!

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