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Simcoe Toronto Edition

Simcoe Toronto Edition

Posted on 15 May 2015

Due to rapid growth and the difficulty of capitalization, Simcoe was sold to Hawley-Lambert, the second largest bicycle wholesaler in North America who unfortunately did not tend the brand very well. However, today, thanks to the Canadian European Trade Agreement and a lot of research (and travel) we've found an even better solution with Germany's Fahrradmanufaktur,  a bike that shares the same evolution in materials and geometry but capitalizes on access to top-notch German parts - something we were unable to do out of Taiwan. We'll miss Simcoe... it was a real step forward in the path towards a global city bike. 

- February 2019


The year is 1791, and a young British officer has just been appointed as the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. His name is John Simcoe. The territory he has been entrusted with is wild, without infrastructure or industry. Forests of red oak and maple dominate the landscape, while paved roads are nowhere to be found. At first, Simcoe saw his posting as “a species of banishment”, and understandably so. Leaving your life behind to build up a sparsely populated colony, battered by frost and foreign forces alike, is a daunting task by any standard. But, never willing to back down from a challenge, the perseverant Governor got straight to work.

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