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A Campfire with Friends

A Campfire with Friends

Posted on 25 August 2013

As you can probably surmise from looking at our blogroll, we have been going on a lot of group rides this summer. A number of the people who came along on those rides have been affiliated with the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank (an awesome research organization that does exactly what their name implies). As summer starts to wind down, Curbside and the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank are celebrating the lasting warmth of the season by hosting a campfire in Christie Pits . We’d love it if you came along! Really, you should be there. We’ll be roasting some marshmallows and, if you want to make some real food, we will have a grill.

Meet us at Curbside around 5 pm on Sunday the 25th, and we’ll meander our way down to the park for some sunday fun. 

Please note that the permit for having campfires stipulates that drinking any alcoholic beverages is forbidden, so please respect that as we’d rather not be policing at our picnic. The weather is going to be lovely, and the cool evening breezes will likely be breezing, so bring a jacket and a blanket for sitting on. If you don't make it to the shop by 5 ish, come find us between 5:30 and 8:30 near the community gardens and the bake oven. 



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