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Curbside launches the Devinci Montreal!!

Curbside launches the Devinci Montreal!!

Posted on 09 April 2013

City bikes, we've come to realize, are creatures of vernacular. They tend to be far more tribal than global. And so, while a racing bike from Italy or North America may share the same design philosophy, this is hardly the case for a city bike from countries as close as Holland or Italy. We began to quickly realize a true North American city bike was required, a global product that could handle outdoor storage in all weather, function as both utility and recreation, keep clothing clean and maintenance costs low, and is insaney comfortable and upright. Enter the Devinci Montreal, a bike Curbside (actually, our distribution company Fourth Floor) designed with Devinci over five years ago and has finally come to market. From the makers of Bixi, the Montreal may be the finest consumer city bike ever made. And, it's a handsome devil. 

The Montreal is a fun little bike that has a bit of sports-car appeal with traditional Dutch bike elegance. The design was very carefully considered. It's 26" wheels have natural acceleration, which is great for the constant stop-and-go of city cycling, and also great if you want a versatile bike that you can take on gravel roads outside of town. The bike is upright but not bolt-upright, it has a bit of zip, and it's a total blast to ride. It's European utlity with North American performance, elegant but muscular.  

The Montreal is a lightweight aluminum frame that's a bit thicker than the average frame, because your bike is parked next to metal poles all day while your at work or shopping (most bikes have tube walls that are beer-can thin). Aluminum also doesn't rust, in case you store your bike outside year round. Speaking of rust, all the parts are either alloy, stainless or galvanized steel, that includes every single nut and bolt as well - even the chain. 


The parts are all super low maintenance. The gears are internal, which keeps your bike largely free of maintenance but offers enough oomph to take you up the hills of Montreal's plateau and enough range to ride all day from coffee shop to coffee shop. And, it's a heck of a deal. Most three speed bikes are priced at $650 - $700 these days, and that's a bike with a heavy steel frame. The Montreal not only hits every nail on the head with its versatility, it also manages to give all you possibly need for a $749 price tag. Nice, eh? We thought so too. 

HOWEVER, we only ordered a very limited amount. So get em' while they're hot! If you're not in Toronto check out our sister company to find a store near you, or just buy online. 

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