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Breaking the Frame: Aurelia Cycles at Bernstein & Gold Interiors, Vancouver

Breaking the Frame: Aurelia Cycles at Bernstein & Gold Interiors, Vancouver

Posted on 16 June 2011

Editors note. Another "first wave" city bike store that closed, largely due to rising rents in Vancouvers Yaletown. Like many first wave city bike stores, this was not a city bike store at all, but a design store that saw city bikes as a direct extension of their vision. Today that vision is re-occurring in the form of dedicated brands like Public, Linus and Shinola who are opening their own city bike boutiques. Whether this model will stick or whether the bicycle industry will enthusiastically adopt city bikes is something that remains to be seen. We're proud that Curbside has always been a neighborhood bicycle store that constantly searches for inclusive products to reach an inclusive customer base, and inclusive staff to sell them. We're not sure what "wave" that is, but its a pretty easy formula, really. 

- February 2016


In the wake of a disappointing loss and an even more disappointing riot, let's shed some light on something great Vancouver has to offer: Aurelia Cycles, nestled inside Bernstein & Gold Interiors.

What does that mean? Well, it means it's a store within a store. Surrounded by furniture, bedding, wall hangings and other home ephemera are some of the most exquisite bicycles in the world. Imagine a bicycle beautiful enough to park in the living room, but usable enough to get your groceries, go to brunch, and take you to drinks after dinner.
By marrying housewares and bicycles right in their showroom, Berstein & Gold is introducing Vancouver to that very bike. Bicycles are no longer relegated to the garage with the other toys and greasy machines; they are elevated to the elegant design objects that they are.

This approach to bicycles also appeals to one of the original, but long-forgotten demographics: Women. Seeing a Linus Dutchi or an Abici Granturismo looking comfortable in a home setting starts to dissolve some of that invisible chain link fence that keeps many women out of the more intimidating experts-only bike stores. When the bicycle can exist outside of that exclusive sphere, the possibilities begin to open up: This is a bike you can take shopping, that will save your feet from walking in uncomfortable shoes, that will carry you across your city to friends and family that always lived just a little too far away, to that park/restaurant/attraction you had always meant to get to. This is a bicycle you can really live with.

Located in historic Yaletown, Bernstein and Gold Interiors is one of the Vancouver's pioneer boutique home decor shops. Established in 1993, the owners let their Italian heritage influence their lovely store that features Venetian lighting, Italian bed linens, Canadian made furnishings and of course bicycles from around the world. Aurelia Bicycles carries brands like Pashley (UK), Abici (Italian), Vanmoof (Dutch) and Linus (USA) as well as Yakkay, the line of Danish helmets with hat-like covers.

You can learn more about Bernstein and Gold Interiors and Aurelia Bicycles on their website. Stay tuned for more bicycle stores that break the frame!

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