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Press: The Don Cherry Bike Finds a Home:

Press: The Don Cherry Bike Finds a Home: "Why We Decided to Buy the Infamous Cherry Bomb"

Posted on 23 March 2011

A speech was made. A letter was written. The news was spread and a bicycle was painted plaid. Torontonians are more than familiar with this story, as is much of Canada and even North America. The final chapter was the auctioning off of the Cherry bike, with the auction takings allocated to the Darling Home for Kids - a Cherry supported organization. The auction was a success and now we'd like you to meet the new owners of the affectionately named "Cherry Bomb": The Hollingsworths.

The Hollingworths have a very personal connection to this story, which I will reprint in their own words. Paul Hollingsworth wrote:

Why we decided to buy the infamous Cherry Bomb.
As (hopefully) engaged Toronto citizens we try to follow events in the city as closely as we can so when we saw the story of the "Cherry Bomb" we thought it was an intelligent and humorous response to Mr. Cherry's commentary on our city. We didn't think much of it again until we saw that it was going up on auction. I was curious and marked the auction for later reference. Our son just turned 6 and got his first two-wheeler so cycling was more top of mind then normal. But Mom didn't have a bike. A few days later Ebay reminded me of the sale of the Cherry Bomb. It was a beautiful bike with the custom paint job and everything but a bit out of our price range. I was about to leave the site when I noticed that the proceeds were going to Darling House. Darling House, I know that place. That is where Cyra would have gone if her condition had changed to a state that we could not take care of her at home.
Cyra is and was my eldest daughter. At age 7 this vibrant little girl was suddenly struck down by an AVM. In what seemed like an instant she was silenced and entered a 5 year long ordeal of medical procedures and powerful drugs all without the ability to communicate with the outside world. Luckily her mother and I were able to undertake her care at home but as things got more complex we had to look for a place that would be able to care for her if we were unable. Darling House was to be that place.
So when we saw that the proceeds of the sale were to go to Darling House the decision was made. The Cherry Bomb had found a home. The bike is now getting more use than we would ever have thought. And although it didn't take a car off the road it did get one person off the bus.

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