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Copenhagen Part Two

Copenhagen Part Two

Posted on 26 May 2010

Dutch hospitality is one thing, but the Danes are some of the warmest people I've ever met! The first thing I received when I arrived at the Biomega office was a hug from Sussi and a cup of coffee. Despite the weather (cold and damp and COVERED IN SNOW) Copenhagen was absolutely ideal.

On our second day in the city Sussi took us on a long, meandering ride. Here is a photo journal of said ride!

Giving the Biomega Amsterdam a ride!

Looks like Eric likes that Puma!

Sussi's the leader.

"Push your tummy out!" -Eric

Walking in Christiania. One of the coolest places i've ever been!

I think there was something cute written on the back of a truck.

Sussi waits on the bridge for us slow pokes.

Model shot

Model shot

This all ended with hot chocolate at a local cafe. It was absolutely fantastic.

Riding in Copenhagen reminded me a lot of Toronto. Not all the streets were covered with bike lanes and delivery truck drivers do exactly the same thing as they do here. The difference in Copenhagen is bicyclists don't seem to get bent out of shape about it. I took that mind set and have applied it to riding in Toronto. I've become much calmer on the road and more patient with people in general. There will always be idiots but it's how we react to them that governs how our day pans out.

Copenhageners even ride some of the same bikes we do here, albeit with more confidence. Riding in Copenhagen has given me confidence to ride pretty much anywhere and unless I'm screaming down Mount Seymour in BC, I'm staying calm and collected the whole time.

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