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Kicking Dutch, Man

Kicking Dutch, Man

Posted on 25 February 2010

sc Heerenveen

There were many things to look forward to on this trip. One of which was a soccer game in Batavus' hometown in the north of Holland. Batavus hosted us for dinner and a tour of the sc Heerenveen stadium, as well as a game against Willem II.

sc Heerenveen


The dinner was very.....Dutch. Meaty and creamy. mmmm. The tour was in........Dutch yet very interesting thanks to our helpful Batavus translator. The Abe Lenstra Stadium, named for a legendary Dutch football player who put Heerenveen on the map, has a capacity for 27, 000 people!

Aaron at the game

The game was AMAZING! It had ups and downs, red cards and yellow cards, corner kicks and free kicks! While Willem II might be at the bottom of the Dutch league they put up a good fight. The crowd was pumped and singing the whole time! Anything you could want in a soccer game happened. And Heerenveen won!! A 4-2 victory that no one was expecting, well I wasn't expecting it. Everyone else probably knew it was for sure. For my first ever soccer game it was a good one to see.

Eric on the team Aaron is on the Team

We left the stadium and the entire world had been coated in a layer of snow. People were biking home from the stadium too. Pretty cool! But hold on....I came here to escape that kind of winter weather (not that Canada had much of a winter!). The drive home was slow and I slept a lot of the way. I had no sleep and was still a bit queasy from drinking some awful regional liquor.

The next day Eric and I ventured off into the Dutch wilderness to find a bike show, Feitsvak, in Rosmalen.

Stay Tuned! Fietsvak to come!

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