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Curbside goes to Europe...Again

Curbside goes to Europe...Again

Posted on 22 February 2010


Well, we did it again. We went back to Europe. We couldn't help ourselves. Not only did we get to meet with our favourite companies but we got see again, and me (Aaron) for the first time, what a fully developed and constantly innovative bike industry really looks like.

Never have I traveled like this. Typically I go somewhere and see the sites and then leave. This time it's like a backstage pass. We're getting a behind the scenes tour of some of the most amazing countries in the world as well as some of the coolest bikes ever! It's fantastic. We've seen so much of the country that people would not regularly see. Like Heerenveen, in the north of Holland. No one would ever go to Heerenveen for any reason. But, for us, business calls. And might I add, what a beautiful country! The windmills are great and the bikes......Oh My!



There's nothing quite like a horrible spray paint job. On the plus side, if the fire department needs back up.......

Based on what I'd heard about the bike infrastructure and the fully developed bike cultures of Holland and Denmark I was fully prepared for a magical utopia of biking paradise. This is not quite what I got!

To see the way a bike is treated in Europe can be a very useful tool. It totally affirms my belief that Toronto is an incredible biking city and we just have to embrace what it has to make it even better. Seeing the differences between us and them, it is apparent that we CAN make it work. We just have to stop complaining so much! More on that later.

Stay tuned for posts upon posts of our wonderful adventures on the other side of the pond.

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