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Curbside's statement regarding the Covid-19 virus

Curbside's statement regarding the Covid-19 virus

Posted on 17 March 2020

APRIL 1, 2020


To our Curbside customers, 

Today the City of Toronto launched bigger steps to control the spread of Covid-19. As an essential business we have already implemented all of the new controls, and even more. We'd like the take the time to run you through what we are doing to stop the spread of this virus while keeping you on your bike through this crisis. 

OUR PLEDGE: Each staff member has personally committed to proper social distancing and every other day we are doing a deep clean of every surface and product in our store. That said, we vastly prefer that you call or live-chat on our website and if you can, conduct your business online.

LIVE CHAT & PHONE: It's like the year 2000 again! We have three staff on live chat during opening hours who can answer your questions, and of course, you can always pick up the phone and call! Look for the green "Live Help is Online" at the bottom of our website screen.

WALK-IN POLICY: If you absolutely need to drop by please knock on the front door during opening hours and we will bring the products you are interested in to the front door. Sorry, but you will not be permitted into the store, except to pay near the front door. If you are looking for a bike, please book a sales appointment. Please do not knock if you are showing any symptoms of a cold or flu!

SALES APPOINTMENTS: If you are interested in a new bike please book a sales appointment. You can choose either an in--store appointment, video-conference or phone call. Only one person or couple are permitted in the store at a time and we ask that you don't touch anything unless you first ask. Please do not make an appointment if you are showing any symptoms of a cold or flu!

REPAIR APPOINTMENTS: All repair appointments, including small jobs, are now bookable on our website. We ask that you bring your bike to the back of the store (access off of Howland or Brunswick), where there is a friendly tent to greet you. If there is a line-up, please maintain social distance. There is a till set up near the back so you don't need to enter the store. Please disinfect your grips, brake levers, shifters, saddle and main tubes before drop off and please do not make an appointment if you are showing any symptoms of a cold or flu!

PICK UP & DROP OFF SERVICE: To reduce any crowding in or around the store, we are launching a repair pick-up and drop-off service for a super low fee of $10. Please disinfect your grips, brake levers, shifters, saddle and main tubes before we pick up your bike. If you already made an appointment, please make sure to select pickup on the same day as your appointment. 

REDUCED ONLINE SHIPPING COSTS: This was already in the works before the crisis, but all parts and accessories (not bikes!) now ship free on orders over $50. What is new is free local delivery (including bikes, parts and accessories) within the GTA with no minimum order purchase. 

A NEW BIKE RIGHT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR! Over five years ago we launched our Ride Out Of The Box program, which delivers a professionally tuned and ready-tor-ride bike right to your front door. Just open the box, cut some straps, and ride away. Even cargo bikes! We've shipped over 100 bikes this way, from Labrador City to Louisiana, and we'd love to get you on a bike too!

Thanks again for supporting Curbside Cycle! 


MARCH 24, 2010


To our Curbside customers, 

Over the last several days we've been lobbying to ensure bike stores are listed as an essential service. Today we honour all levels of government for recognizing that bike repair is an essential service, and we especially thank Cycle TO, Martin at Hoopdriver Cycles, and Mike Layton for doing a lot of the heavy lifting. We are keeping the shop open on an appointment basis only and of course our online store remains open 24/7. 

We know it’s hard to stay positive in a crisis. The way we’re going to persevere is by pedalling our way through it, literally. We know social distancing is an absolute necessity, but how can we stay healthy throughout? We like the idea of healthy distancing. For us, cycling offers a healthy distance from the world’s problems, it puts a healthy distance in our legs, and it allows us to stay social, while keeping a healthy distance from others. During this crisis and after this crisis, we hope you can stay safe, pedal through and find your own healthy distance. 

The people who support healthy distance are our bike mechanics, and we’ll be honest, right now our mechanics are in jeopardy. We know cycling hasn’t been on the top of your mind, but if you plan to pedal through this crisis, please book a repair now - you’ll be supporting our most important employees! 

If you want to get in touch please do not hesitate to do so! Until things stabilize we are taking sales and repair appointments from 11pm - 7pm Tuesdays to Friday and 12pm - 5pm on Saturdays. You can knock on the door but we prefer that you arrange an appointment. For repair appointments please click here. For sales appointments please call 1-866-920-4933, or send us an email at info@curbsidecycle.com

Stay safe and thank you so much for supporting Curbside Cycle!



March 17, 2020

To our Curbside customers, 

As the COVID-19 virus remains at critical levels we are committed to proactive health for staff and customers. UPDATE: In order to maintain social distance and keep ourselves and our community safe, we are open for business on an appointment basis only. Staff will be on hand Monday - Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday - Sunday 12-5pm. Please call or email with any inquiries.

Cycling is a healthy way to manage social distancing and health officials have recommended that ‘staying at home’ includes getting outside and staying active. But, we also know that a bicycle is a critical transportation tool and we want to keep you riding, whether that means a bicycle repair or a brand new bicycle, cargo bike, e-bike, or folding bike. 

Finally, staying healthy as a business is also important, and we are deeply concerned about the impact on our staff. Our staff are in a vulnerable position and it is our first priority to keep them surviving and thriving since they are what makes the Curbside experience so incredible. 

To keep you, our staff, and our business healthy we are offering a 10% discount on ALL bikes, accessories, labour, and parts till April 19th*. This year we’re lowering our shipping costs on parts and accessories (orders over $50 include free shipping) and our popular Ride Out Of The Box program (where we ship you a bike - even a cargo bike! - completely tuned and ready to ride). This offer is available in-store, but for the sake of social distancing we ask that you consider ordering online first. 

Interested in buying some stuff but want to keep your distance? Our staff are standing by the phone and keyboards and ready to answer any and all questions. Want to talk to a staff-member in real time? Email us for an appointment and we can set up a Facetime or remote video call! We’ll fold up a bike, sit in a cargo bike, run you through a product's features and benefits (and hopefully share a laugh or two). To book a remote video appointment or any inquiry, please email info@curbsidecycle.com or call us at 416-920-4933 (toll free: 1-866-920-4933)

Finally, to do our part to help flatten the curve, we are following the World Health Organization protocols. That means frequent hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting common touch points across the store and for all shipped items. We expect that if you are coming to visit us that you are in good health and help ensure the safety of our staff. Please do not enter the store if you are feeling sick!

For any further information you can reach us at 1-866-920-4933 or by email at info@curbsidecycle.com. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss any new updates. 

Thanks for all your support and please keep safe! 

The Curbside Team


*If you already bought something pre-discount we will refund the difference with honour, but if you can afford it, please give us till April 19th to minimize impact on business cashflow. 

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