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Pogies Vs Gloves

Pogies Vs Gloves

Posted on 30 November 2021

Cold weather is here again and the roller coaster of keeping warm is an unenjoyable ride for those not fully prepared; or those that perhaps just haven’t found the proper tools to beat the chill and keep their hands toasty and dry. Luckily, we live in a time with an incredible amount of choices for every single need but that can be daunting; so we Curbsiders have narrowed it down to our favourites that we use ourselves. We like to prescribe the use of the most commonly used tool to keep hands warm, the glove, but something fairly new and gaining in popularity is an amazing bit of gear called the pogie. The two brands that we fell in love with is Blivet and is based out of Quebec so they definitely have a ton of experience in dealing with the cold weather and they do both gloves and pogies! The 2nd pogie we love, especially if you are going on a long adventure out into the cold or a bike courier, the Bar Mitts Extreme Warm.


The case for gloves:

Blivet Manni Glove 

Warmth without the bulk in mild winter weather.


So, if we all know gloves are generally the key item to get for winter, why the choices? Because not all gloves are made the same and can be very situational. First and foremost, the 5 finger glove is the most popular choice of all and you probably have a set at home! But if you are like me and find that your hands seem constantly freezing while riding even in the mild temperatures we highly recommend the Blivet Manni Glove. It is designed with mild winter riding conditions in mind and is great around the 0 celsius mark. It features an outer soft shell that stretches for comfort, weather resistant and breathability so your hands don’t sweat up a storm. It is incredibly lightweight and none of the bulk so you can easily tuck them away in your jacket pocket or pannier bag when heading indoors.

Blivet #3 Lobster Glove



Ultimate warmth on the coldest days.

Planning on being the ultimate winter rider in even COLDER temperatures? The Blivet #3 Lobster 3-Fingered glove will plow through temperatures down to -18c. That's ice cold. This glove features removable 200g and 300g fleece liners for those variable temperature days. The 3-fingered gloves keep your fingers together, but gives you better dexterity than a full mitt. It also features a large cuff that goes over your jacket hand openings.

The Pros and Cons of Gloves:



  1. Can be used on or off the bike
  2. Different grades of warmth for different times of season
  3. Stylish; lots of variation and brands to choose from
  4. Easy to wash unlike pogies since they aren't bolted on
  5. Resistant to theft since they stay with you


  1. Loss of dexterity while shifting or braking
  2. Bulky off the bike if using thick gloves
  3. Hands can get very cold due to bad fit
  4. Generally, winter gloves aren’t very bike friendly
  5. When stopped you will have to remove gloves for using your phone (looking at you bike delivery folk), camera or getting into your bag whether pannier, frame bag or backpack.



    The Case for the Pogies!

    The Ultimate Warmth

    Curbside Cycle features two different pogies for the '21-'22, Bar Mitts and Blivet.

    The solution for some of the issues with cycling in gloves: The Bar Mitts Extreme or the Blivet Vok Pogies! Firstly, they seem funny at first glance but more and more people are snapping these up for their winter commutes as they eliminate the need to buy super expensive gloves. They are weather resistant, protect some of the more expensive components on your bike like the shifters and brake levers while keeping the heat in. Even on the coldest and harshest days in Toronto, you may only need to wear a decent glove liner for more warmth. The Pogie is truly the way to beat the cold instead of beating up your wallet with multiple pairs of expensive gloves for each temperature.

    And this year we have two varieties, the Blivet Pogie and the Bar Mitts Extreme. Both are great choices but that is dependent on what kind of riding conditions you are willing to bike through. For the Blivet case, it is a great option if you intend to bike milder winter temperatures down to -3C to -5C and mostly dry conditions with short commutes. You will 100% want to pair it with a fingered glove! If you are a courier or quite the adventurist, you will want to check out the Bar Mitts Extreme. They feature 6mm of water and wind proof neoprene and a removable cuff to keep out snow and wind that can tackle a full day of ice cold weather. We also recommend a thin glove to be used with these pogies. 

    Why Choose Pogies?

    • You are looking for ultimate warmth
    • Best dexterity; you can go gloveless
    • Protects cables and shifters from the elements
    • Theft resistant as most are bolted to your bars
    • Do not constrict your hands (bad glove fitting can lead to poor circulation=very cold hands)

    Pros of Pogies

    • They are always fixed to your bike, theft resistant and ready to go
    • Warmest option especially if fleece lined or using a thin merino wool glove
    • Keeps shifters, brake levers and the cables protected from the elements

    Cons of Pogies

    • They can look aesthetically unpleasing
    • Can be difficult to install or adjust for the first time
    • Bolt on pogies aren’t quick to swap to different bikes


    Different Pedal Strokes for Different Folks

    Pogie Vs Glove. Photo by Kevin Gebhardt Photography

    The choices for warmth are endless but hopefully you have learned a thing or two about gloves and pogies. If you are looking for the warmest pogie for long commutes or you are on your bike all day, the Bar Mitts Extreme will be your best option. If you are mostly confined to the neighbourhood or short commutes, the Blivet Pogie will take you through winter with zero problems. For those that need the flexibility of some heavy duty gloves we have you covered with the Blivet Lobster gloves that can be used on or off the bike. You can not go wrong.  

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