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How to: Devinci, Benno or Any Externally Geared Flat Fix

How to: Devinci, Benno or Any Externally Geared Flat Fix

Posted on 10 November 2020

The world has changed quite dramatically with COVID-19 and has had a major impact on the cycling industry. In most cases in the past, getting a flat fix done was an in and out kind of thing. At the very worst, a day turn-around. However, with cycling now becoming the top method of getting around Toronto, bike shops are overwhelmed with bicycle service and require appointment bookings, sometimes weeks in advance, even for flat fixes. With this maintenance guide, we hope to help those that are mechanically confident in replacing a tube on their bicycle that they purchased at Curbside Cycle! Many of the steps are very critical to safety especially when reinstalling everything. Do not force anything into place and if something isn’t working properly you must take your bicycle to a bike shop to be inspected by a mechanic. Our Flat fix blog will work for the front wheel, which will be much quicker than the rear as you do not have to deal with any gears!

Recommended and Required Tools:

Lezyne Sport Floor Drive Tacx Tire levers

If you don't have these already, you will need to head to a bike shop for tire levers and air pumps, we recommend Tacx T4600 Tire Lever and the Lezyne Sport Floor Drive Pump. All stock Devinci's, Benno or Masi use quick release skewers for both front and rear. If you upgraded to locking skewers, use the key that came with them.


Benno Ballooner

Place The Bike Upside Down

This will be the easiest way to perform any maintenance or cleaning of your bike.

Step 1: Shift to Lowest Gear, skip to next step if front wheel

Lowest gear indicated in image in red. This will make it easy to pull the wheel out of the dropout.

Step 2: Open Skewer

Step 3: Pull back the derailleur and Pull the wheel out

Bicycle Maintenance Tire Removal

Step 4: Use tire lever to pry off one side of tire

When you are just replacing a tube, you can get away with just taking one side off. Follow the gif and begin using one lever, if it is to tight, try pushing the tire in all the way around and try again with the lever, sometimes you will need 2-3 levers in total. Once you have one side off the rim you can pull out the old tube and inspect by filling up with air and feel for air.

Types of Flats: Outer Puncture

Bicycle Tire Puncture Flat
Most common flat, usually caused by glass, thorns, nails or other sharp road debris.
Bicycle Tire Pinch Flat Puncture

Types of Flats: Pinch Flat

Commonly happens if your tire is not at the proper tire pressure or if you hit a curb or pothole with extreme force.

Types of Flats: Inner Puncture

Bicycle Tire Inner Puncture Rim Tape
Bicycle Tire Installation

Reinstalling Tube

Once you have determined what caused your flat, go ahead and reinstall the proper new tube. Start by installing first into the valve and tuck into tire. Once fully tucked in, starting at the valve again, begin rolling the bead into the rim. Some tires are loose enough that won't require effort but if it does work side to side rather than trying to force from the middle.


Grab Pump and ensure using proper side

Lezyne Sport Floor Drive Flat
Most Benno's and Devinci use Schrader. Usually the fatter valve is Schrader while the skinny, shiny valve is called Presta.
Lezyne Sport Floor Drive Schrader valve

Screw onto valve

If using the Lezyne Sport Floor Drive, spin the brass jog to screw onto valve.

Read recommended tire pressure rating on the side of the tire

Bicycle Tire Side Wall Tire Pressure
Just about every tire indicates tire pressure in raised lettering. There is also a raised line to ensure that the tire is in the rim properly.
Bicycle Maintenance Installing Wheel 8peed bike

Reinstalling the wheel 


Close Skewer

Closing Quick Release Skewer
Ensure that the wheel is sitting properly in the drop out and that closing the skewer requires a small amount of force. If it feels really loose, reopen skewer and tighten the nut on the other side about half a turn to a turn. Spin the wheel making sure there is no brake rub and that the gears shift properly! Go ride!

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