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The Pelago Brooklyn: Fun, Fresh, Faithful and Finnish

The Pelago Brooklyn: Fun, Fresh, Faithful and Finnish

Posted on 03 February 2022


Pelago Bicycles hail from the land of saunas, happiness, and winter: Helsinki, Finland. The Fins take their city biking seriously: it's an incredibly popular mode of transportation. This doesn’t change come winter so they need their bikes to stand up to colder weather - perhaps more than most. Pelago excels in providing that crucial durability without sacrificing their epic style. The Brooklyn is a perfect example of that – a trusty city bike that gets you where you need to go! Here are the top reasons the Pelago Brooklyn is the perfect pick for your year round cycling lifestyle.


Hipster Woman pushing her Pelago Brooklyn through the snow

There are many ways to paint a bicycle frame, but the best way is certainly powder coating. This employs the use of an electrostatic charge (essentially, magnets) to adhere the paint to the frame. The frame is then baked in an oven (cool, right!?) which smoothes everything out. This method results in a frame - which already has a rust resistant coating - that is far stronger and better at handling paint chipping. The Brooklyn, your trusty workhorse, can be locked up on city streets while still looking tip-top. When you combine this paint job with a zinc coated chain and a three or seven speed internal gear hub, you’ve got a bike that’ll keep you riding all year round.


Hipster woman enjoying a coffee beverage posing next to her Pelago Brooklyn step thru bicycle

Pelago Bicycles is committed to making their city bikes as stylish as they are durable. The Brooklyn is a timeless classic with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The step-thru frame makes mounting and dismounting easy and efficient, even with a fully-loaded optional rear rack. Its high quality paint job comes in elegant muted tones for an understated yet playful finish. Add in the colour matched fenders and chrome touches to round it out for a sleek and polished look. All these thoughtful details mean that the Brooklyn can work for you, whether you're bundled up for a big winter ride or rocking couture on an evening jaunt around town.


Woman riding down the street on the Pelago Brooklyn

The Brooklyn has those archetypal classic lines for two reasons: safety and comfort. There are obvious safety benefits to riding a bike in an upright position. First, it gives you a clear line of sight and broad field of vision for the traffic around you, whether that's cars, pedestrians, or other cyclists. It also makes you more visible to that same traffic. With these lines of sight you can take on every ride with confidence and poise. So how about comfort? Removing undue pressure from the wrists and hands, and positioning yourself more directly over the seat, means that while you might not go as fast, you are going to be more comfortable (which lends itself to a more joyful ride anyway!).


Ominous orange glow from a window prominently featuring the Pelago Brooklyn leaning against the window.

There are a couple really useful features on the Brooklyn. The bike comes equipped with various fixing points for a front rack or rear carrier for you to carry all the things you’ll need in a day. With a rear rack you can attach a basket or bag/pannier to make your grocery shops a breeze and the ride to work less sweaty. Trust us when we say not having to wear a backpack on your ride is an absolute dream! The bike also comes with a Brooks B17 leather saddle that, once moulded to your shape, is like slipping on your favourite sandals. Its comfort comes from being both supportive and incredibly temperature regulating. The Brooklyn 7-speed model comes equipped with dynamo bike lights powered by a generator hub. (For those outside the know, dynamo lights are powered by the movement of the front wheel - so when the bike is rolling, the lights come on automatically, no batteries needed).

The Pelago Brooklyn is a tried and tested design but with modern technologies that bring back the joys of riding a bike. Perfect for everyday life, it's a city bike that you can put your faith in (and have a little fun with). Interested in learning more, or want to test ride the Brooklyn? Book a city bike sale consultation here.

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