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Ten great stocking stuffers for the bicyclist on your list!

Ten great stocking stuffers for the bicyclist on your list!

Posted on 01 December 2016

1. Bookman USB Lights

Lights are required by law so they make a smart gift. But, lights can make a boooooring present because most lights often feature thoughtless design which makes for a thoughtless gift (even if you are a thoughtful person). Enter our good friends at Swedish design powerhouse Bookman. Bookman make a super-bright USB chargeable light that comes in a super designy 'chiclet' shell and great packaging. Thoughtful safety!


2. Bookman Coffee Cup Holder

Apparently the Swedes love boutique coffee as much as us Torontonians, and this is clearly expressed with the very clever Bookman Coffee cup holder which clamps to your bar with a stiff spring and non-slip silicone. Comes in great designer colours as well as a very limited edition chrome and rose gold finish. Get them here


3. Brooks Isle of Wight Seat Bag

The longer distance cyclist needs a place for their phone, spare tube, tire levers and wallet. However, most seat bags out there can be pretty ugly. The Brooks Isle of Wight Seat Bag, like everything made by Brooks, is a beautifully crafted (made in Italy!) bag made of waterproof Bluesign fabric (which has the same touch and feel as waxed canvas) and leather trim. 


4. Brooks Toolkit

Want to add another treat inside the Isle of Wight Seat Bag (above), or just want a practical gift that looks good and is well designed? The Brooks Toolkit comes with every tool you could possibly need for small adjustments and is wrapped in a beautiful leather case for storage.


5. Brooks Leather Trouser Strap

We like to think of cycling as sartorial, but perhaps the greatest fashion crime a cyclist commits is the neon yellow leg band. Once again, Brooks answers the problem. Their Leather Trouser Strap is an inspired stocking stuffer that brings inventive redemption to the novel 1980's snap bracelet. Snap it on your leg (no velcro, no fuss) and ride away looking extra dashing. Find them here.


6. Curbside Camping Mug

Show your love for your favourite bike store with our Curbside camping mugs. One honours the Piranha fish that has been an inexplicable fixture in our store for over 25 years, and the other is a Honey Badger - because Honey Badger's are cool, especially when they're riding a bike. Find the mug here. You can also get the T-shirt here.


7. Lezyne Micro Floor HV

Everyone needs air and that's especially true for your tires! Everyone bicyclist needs a pump, but the problem with most portable pumps is that they take foreeeever to inflate your tire and they are fussy to use. The clever people at Lezyne decided that a portable pump should have the same easy functionality as a much larger floor pump (which, alas is not portable) - and that's what they did. The Micro Floor HV is basically a portable floor pump that does the job easy and quick. Find it here.


8. Upstate Stock

We discovered Upstate Stock several years ago when looking for toques and gloves for anyone walking by our busy storefront on a winters day. Upstate makes thick woollen mitts, gloves and toques in great colours and cuts, but the coolest thing about them is that everything is made in a small little factory in Upstate New York - which is the kind of thing we proudly support. Get the beanie here and the gloves here


9. Park Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

There is no better book on the market for the do-it-at-home fixer than Park's. For those who don't know, Park makes the best tools for the professional bike mechanic (it's all we use), and their book is the most instructive, most updated and most illustrative. So, whether you have a more visual learner on your hands, or a more analytical learner, the Park book is the single best resource for the budding mechanic. Find it here.


10. YNOT x Curbside Brompton Handle

The Brompton owner tends to live and breathe Brompton bike bits, and here's one item they probably definitely don't have. Many Brompton owners find that picking up the bike from the seat or frame is uncomfortable, and there have been many attempts by other companies to design a solution - all of which, in our opinion, are disastrously ugly. So, we sat down with our good friends at Toronto's YNOT and designed a made-in-Toronto solution that does the trick at a very reasonable price indeed.


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