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Ten show-stopping gifts for the bicyclist on your list

Ten show-stopping gifts for the bicyclist on your list

Posted on 08 December 2016

For the Fashionista Bicyclist: The Achielle Babette

Made completely by hand in Belgium, the Babette is Achielle's fashion-statement for the practical city cyclist. Timeless designer RAL powder-coat finishes match up to luxury Brooks leather saddles and handlebar grips, while the three speed system keeps the bike low maintenance and easy. Nothing looks better under the tree than a brand new shiny bicycle. Find it here


For the Data-driven Bicyclist: The Wahoo ELMNT

This is the item every employee at Curbside wants for Christmas. The ELMNT is probably the best reviewed GPS on the market today, with a great supporting Android/iOS app that let's you plan routes and download completed routes so you can analyze anything from your performance to the elevation, speed and time. Best of all, the ELMNT features a line of LED lights on the top and side of the unit that tell you when to turn left or right bases on your pre-programmed routes. This will make someone very very happy. 


For the Brompton Lover: YNOT x Curbside Brompton Messenger Bag

Many Brompton owners have often marvelled at the high cost of aftermarket Brompton bags, especially since they aren't really all that special (except for the Brompton Game Bags, which are also on sale). We decided to sit down with Toronto's own YNOT bag company and work together on a Brompton bag that is loaded with features (magnetic clips, internal lining), is waterproof, stylish (waxed canvas!) and best of all, made in Canada! 


For the Everyday Bicyclist: The Brooks Pickwick bag

Every bicyclist knows that Brooks occupies a place of high aspiration in the cycling world. Part of the pedigree comes from sheer duration: they have been making their fine saddles in the same Birmingham factory since 1866. The other part is quality, and this is especially true for their bags, all of which are finely constructed in Tuscany by cottage industry canvas workers who produce beautifully crafted results. The Pickwick bag features a roll-top, two clever hidden pockets (great for passports or mini u-locks) and makes one hell of a statement. 


For the Little Ones: Frog Bikes

The great problem with most kids bikes are purchased in the delicate balance of cost versus use. Not because your kid isn't going to use it, but because they grow so darn fast. So, what to do? You can opt for the heavy, self-destructing models found at many department stores that are essentially disposable and joyless - or you go for happy cycling along with spectacular resale value. But, very few kids bikes are spectacular enough to demand resale value, except Frog. That's because everything is mega, mega high quality, the same quality you would see on your own decent adult bike. That means your kid gets a light bike that introduces cycling as fun, and you can watch them riding around instead of just watching the chequing account. Find them here


For the Aspiring Bike Messenger: The Basil Portland Front Rack

Urban cycling has taken a lot of its fashion and function cues from Holland, Denmark, and New York, but there's been a new emergence of French "Porteur" products, which urban bicycle messengers in Paris once used to transport goods speedily across the sprawling arrondissements with dashing good-looks. The Portland front rack carries your stuff on the front (so you can see it), keeps the weight nice and low (so performance isn't hindered), and really completes a bikes look. Comes in a nice box that looks great under the tree. Find it here


For the Minimalist: Pure Fix Original Series

Here's a great gift high on fashion and function and won't break the bank (because they're on sale!!). Pure Fix makes single-speed/fixed-gear bikes loved by purists who desire low maintenance, strong clean lines and an almost organic connectivity to their bike. Lots of colours to choose from and on sale till January 1st only! Check em out here


For the Growing Family: The Babboe Big

Ok, we only have three of these left so we thought we'd put this, our most popular Babboe product on sale. The Babboe Big is a stable, impact-tested, three-wheeled Dutch bike made of rust-resistant galvanized steel and marine-grade plywood from Finland. Like all Dutch products, the Babboe comes with low maintenance internal gears and internal drum brakes, which means you have something that will truly last a lifetime. On sale till January 1st only! Find it here.


For the post-Brexit British Patriot: The Brompton Black Edition

Every year Brompton does a one-time run of their Black Edition bikes which are available basically until they're gone (and never, ever go on sale). Our Black Editions curiously arrived one week after Brexit and with the drop in exchange rate, we realized the suggested retail price could use some massaging. So, for anyone feeling black (haha) about our Commonwealth cousins (or just wants a good deal!) we offer the Black Editions for a once-in-a-lifetime sale. (We have a couple of 2016 models that are also on sale for the same reason - act now!!!). And yes, we can ship them assembled and ready to ride anywhere in Canada or the USA.


For the City Bicyclist: The Achielle Odiel

Everyday thousands of people drive into town from places that really aren't that far to bike or conversely, just close enough not to drive. Any cyclist riding down Yonge Street at 8am knows what we're talking about: wall-to-wall traffic bulldozed together into absolute stasis. So, you need to go a touch farther but you don't want to sweat and you want to flatten hills. Oh, and you like pretty things. Good. The Achielle Odiel (the only one in North America) is made for the free-thinking contrarian whose brand is to do things different. It has a 250W Shimano motor that takes you 32km/hr up or down any hill, a gorgeous leather covered battery, seat and grips, and a German-made Schmidt light-set that rivals a motorbike for brightness. Is it cheap? No. But it's cheaper than a car and you'll never be stuck in traffic again. Available in store only.


Still need more ideas? Check out Ten Great Stocking Stuffers for the Bicyclist on Your List.



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