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VSF Fahrradmanufaktur T-50 Review

VSF Fahrradmanufaktur T-50 Review

Posted on 12 April 2020


City & Country.

The search for the all-weather sports-utility bike is over. Designed for the cyclist who needs a sprawl-and-hill busting companion that can easily be taken on a chill country trail too. Clean, utilitarian design. Investment-grade quality. Made in Germany.

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The Fahrradmanufaktur T-50 is the ultimate crossover bike, offering comfort over distance and durability for day-in, day-out commutes. Plus, it's loaded with quality parts built in Germany designed for all-weather urban user-experience.


Riding longer distance or up hills? A lighter bike matters! But, if you're an all-weather cyclist locking up around town, frame material matters too. The aluminum frame on the T-50 won't rust and will take you kilometres on end!


Most bikes are either designed for speed + long-distance or short-distance + comfort. What if you need both? Whether you're a long distance commuter who takes comfort seriously or a short-distance city cyclist who craves weekend adventure, the T-50 keeps you upright and efficient.


The best city bike parts in the world are from the EU and the T-50 is a showcase. Kickstands from Switzerland, Racks, lights and fenders from Germany. Grips from Finland and saddles from Italy. In Germany, quality is normal. That's the normal we believe in too!


In Germany all city bikes are regulated by law with a very long name! One rule is that all city bikes must come equipped with high quality dynamo lighting. That means theft-resistant daytime running lights and nighttime safety. Even cooler? Stop at a red light and capacitor keeps front and rear lights blazing!


Make the bike lane your catwalk! If you're dressing up for work or a night on the town, it's good to have a bike that keeps couture clean. From the German-made fenders to the full-cover chain case, you can rock your outfit grease-free. The T-50 is understated design for the statement outfit.

Curatorial Statement


"As North America's first city bike importer, the quest to find the perfect city bike has been a long one. We started with Dutch bikes but they were far too heavy. We moved to price-point North American options, but the quality was poor. Our shift to Germany's Fahrradmanufaktur gave us and our customers bikes that are designed for big city sprawl, hills and weekend adventure. These are pure German ethos and aesthetics: understated form and overstated function"


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The great thing about the T-50 is that it comes with most of the accessories you need! A kickstand, rack, light-set, chain guard and more. But there are some things we suggest to keep your new companion safe!

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Why Fahrradmanufaktur?

Fahrradmanufaktur began in Berlin, a sprawled city and a populace that wanted one bike for commuting and weekend adventures. They took the quality of a Dutch bike seriously. Like a Dutch bike, a Fahrradmanukfatur is an all-weather bike made for perpetual outdoor storage and years of commuting with minimal maintenance. The difference is that a Fahrradmanufaktur is made for big city hills and distance. That means lighter frames and lighter parts without sacrificing durability. It means comfort that can still log serious kilometres. And, it means wide-range yet low maintenance gearing. The T-50 might be the perfect city bike. With its aluminum frame, it will never rust. And, with its seven speed internal gear hub, it can tackle most hills and easily ride across town for a destination brunch. It's understated German formalism, and it's also good fun.

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