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Why A City Bike is Right For You!

Why A City Bike is Right For You!

Posted on 11 April 2017


Ah, Spring! Longer days, warmer days. Suddenly, the winter hibernation is over and the whole city lies before you like an endless place to explore. The Toronto Islands, Sunday brunch with your friends, late night socializing at the park, and wherever else the weather takes you. But, how to connect these places? The TTC turns any whimsical idea into a chore, Uber is just another form of gridlock, and it's a sunny day... why would you coop yourself up in a car?

But, what kind of bike? So many people think cycling equals a sport, but that's not true! At Curbside we specialize in city bikes, and city bikes are fashionable, practical ways to hit the office, grab brunch, and meet your friends for drinks. So, what makes a city bike different from other bikes?


1. A Chainguard

 This should be super obvious... who wants oil all splashed all over their clothes? Yet, most bikes seem to be designed with the philosophy that everyone rides with a change of clothes. Yeah, like whose gonna ride five blocks to brunch and then change their clothes. Not us! Here's the rule: the more you can't even see the bike chain, the better (like the Simcoe bike above)




2. Upright Position

Most bike companies assume that you're riding long distances for sport, so they hunch you over in a silly aerodynamic position. But, if you're just meeting friends for Mimosas isn't it much nicer to sit upright, and watch the city go by? A city bike, like the Pure City above has a tall head tube to do just that.




3. Internal Gears

Uh oh, we're about to get technical. But not really. We'll just ask a simple question: who needs 27 speeds to ride from stoplight to stoplight? A city bike generally has three, seven or eight speeds and unlike sporty bikes these gears are internal which means they are nearly maintenance free. Always ask if the bike has internal gears (above) or a derailleur (which are external and very high maintenance). 



4. Steel Frames

Most bikes out there are built out of brittle, lightweight aluminum that can easily dent or crack when locked to a pole. City bike designers know that even when bikes are parked, they take a beating. That's why a good city bike, like the handbuilt Achielle above is made of good old steel. You can tell its steel if the frame isn't chunky looking. 


5. Everything's Included!

If you buy a mountain bike or hybrid bike you end up having to buy fenders, rack, bell, and kickstand - all of which can quickly add another $150 to your bill in a flash. A city bike like the Pure City above will already have all of this stuff, and best of all, everything matches and looks nice too!

So, this Spring and Summer put on something cute, grab your bike, and explore the city with your friends. It's healthy, it's fun, and it saves you tons of money for the more important things in life!

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