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Simcoe has a proud history in the history of Curbside Cycle. Started as a project by Curbside staff and alumni, Simcoe marks the full-circle completion of our mission to sell real city bikes to satisfy the need of our customers, even if we had to import them. We began with Dutch bikes, but, as we discovered, their high quality is countered by big price tags, little innovation, and boat-anchor weight. But, we started something. And, as we watched we started to see North American companies (Linus, Pure City, etc) produce lighter, cheaper and more fashionable "Dutch bikes" that unfortunately lacked the quality needed in real cities and four-season climates. Simcoe occupies a middle (and highly original) position that, in our opinion, represents the evolution of the city bike in both materials and geometry. We've never ridden a better riding bike or witnessed a bike that can take so much abuse (it looks nice too). Simcoe was sold in 2012 to Cycles Lambert and Hawley Distribution, marking the first time major bicycle suppliers invested themselves into scaling the city bike market. We continue to partner with Lambert and Hawley on direct-to-consumer sales with our Ride Out of The Box fulfillment. It's a proud Toronto story of a little bike store, an established bicycle culture, and frozen Canadian streets making something that works for everyone. Want to read more about Simcoe? Click here


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