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Thinking about buying a Urban Arrow? Read our Cargo bike face-off. We've been told it's very helpful!  This product is supported by our direct-to-door Ride Out Of The Box™ delivery service. 

As the first cargo bike store in North America we've often reflected on the difference between the Dutch and the Danes, both of who have robust cargo bike cultures. The Dutch tend to overbuild their cargo bikes and tend to design their bikes once (after all, if you overbuild it you never need to redesign!), whereas the Danes seem to have a fresh eyes on the whole thing. This was all true until Urban Arrow came around. The fact is, there are a lot of good reason to evolve the Dutch cargo bike. While the quality is second to none, they are heavy. Like, really heavy. Urban Arrow has bettered the breed. Their frames are aluminum, the box is made entirely of EPS foam (the same stuff used in helmets) which is safer (and lighter) than wood. And, because people do carry lots of weight, ride far, ride up hills, or all three, the bikes come standard with Bosch pedal-assist technology. Finally, the modular design allows you to change the bike to a grocery-getter when the kids grow up. Without any doubt, Urban Arrow is the best two-wheeled kid-carrying cargo bike on the market. 

We can ship your Urban Arrow cargo bike anywhere in North America safely with our Ride Out Of The Box™ delivery service. 




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