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Those who travel with a Brompton can often be put into two camps. There are the hub-and-spoke travellers who unpack all their belongings (including bike) at their base-camp and explore outwards from there. Then, there are the multi-hub travellers who move from base-camp to base-camp and often ride to train stations, airports - lightly packed - and need their bike case to fold up just like their bike. Those in the latter camp are usually fine with the occasional scratch or ding while those in the former want something that can actually stand up to that most vicious of human: the airline baggage handler. For that person there is the B&W case, made of indestructible Curv plastic - which is even stronger than ABS (which is saying a lot) - these roll easy to the terminal and let you enjoy your trip rather than worrying about what's happening in the hold below. 



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