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The Benno Rack offers lots of plug-and-play options that change with your needs!


Smaller wheels with wide tires plant a firm footprint with punchy acceleration.


Bosch Electric assistance flattens hills, expands distance and lightens cargo too!

Benno Bikes in Toronto Canada
Benno RemiDemi makes riding FUN!
Benno Boost: Your Toronto SUV

What is "E-tility"

E-tility is urban utility, with an electric assist!

Benno Baenziger, originally from Berlin but displaced to San Diego, is a legend in the bike industry. His bikes combine a no-nonsense German sensibility with a splash of west coast maverick. Bikes like the RemiDemi (translation: ruckus) and Boost offer a solution to those who want a cargo bike and regular bike all packed into one. With wide tires and smaller diameter wheels, these bikes hug precious cargo closer to the ground while providing sure-footed grip across streetcar tracks and potholes. Best of all is their amazing modularity. Each bike offers a ton of plug-and-play carrying options for kids or cargo that can change as your needs change. Benno might be considered a North American approach to the cargo bike, but it's still German by design.


The Benno Boost

The Benno Boost stormed into the market several years back and challenged "longtail" design with a radically new idea: the "mid-tail." The idea was simple. Cargo bikes need to be stable and they need to be safe. They also need to navigate space and tight corners with relative ease. This is exactly what the Boost achieves.

Benno is all about shrinking things without reducing trunk space. Kind of like a good German car. Cargo bikes need to displace load over surface area to guarantee safety. Longtails do this through wheelbase. In other words, they use conventional wheel diameter and width and make the bike longer to achieve stability. Great idea, but most longtails corner like a schoolbus.

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Benno's midtail design didn't just challenge longtail design, it more or less made it obselete. With the midtail, stabilty is gained through the wheels. First, the diamater of the wheel is smaller, hugging the rider (and cargo) closer to the ground. That makes things safer. Second, the tire is wide; like really wide. This not only displaces weight over surface area, it also critically increases safety over streetcar tracks and potholes.

Best of all? There is still tons of cargo space. Whether two infants or two kids, the Benno attachments plug-and-play into the Benno rack, making for a modular design that grows with your needs.

Now, add a Bosch motor, powerful disc brakes, and a high-powered German-made lights, and you have the ultimate urban vehicle.

Benno Boost E 10D Step-Through Cargo E-Bike - Anthracite Grey


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Benno High Rail Plus for Benno Boost E-Bikes

Forms a safety frame around kids and offers a handhold too!

Benno Rail Pad with Zippered Closure

This one is for the feet! Sturdy foot rest for older kids.

Benno Half Size Pad for Cargo Rear Rack Passenger

Attach one or two of these to the top of the rack for comfortable seating.

Benno Front Utility Tray in Black

Need more room? This mounts to the front of the bike for more storage!

Benno Utility Pannier Bag in Black

Turn your Benno into a bike with serious trunkspace!

Benno Wheel Guard Set

These keep feet from going into the spokes while riding. Essential!

There’s serious industrial design going on here, and even those who don't appreciate it at the level of art dork are wowed by the bike. "

Bicycling Magazine

March 9, 2017

The RemiDemi

The Benno RemiDemi has the same design pedigree as the Benno Boost. Both bikes represent a critical rethink of bicycle design, starting with the wheels. The wheels, after all, are where the rubber hits the road.

Most e-bike design starts with the frame. That's important, but it also assumes that a regular bike and an e-bike share similiar design approaches when it comes to pedalling efficiency. And, that's where the difference lies. An electric-assist bike is fundamentally a pedal-assist bike. And that means: any loss of pedalling effiency on a regular bike is regained by virtue of the electric assist. Since most pedalling efficiency is lost in the wheels, the RemiDemi begins its rethink here.

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Consider tire width. A regular bike keeps tires as narrow as possible. Why? Because a wider tire increases drag and decreases pedalling effiency. But, a wider tire is a good thing! A wider tire plants sure-footed grip over potholes, streetcar tracks, or icy roads. That's why the RemiDemi has super wide tires.

Or, consider wheel diameter. A smaller wheel is typically less efficient than a larger wheel. But, a smaller wheel has major advantages! A small wheel has remarkable acceleration, and acceleration is the only speed a city cyclist has between corners and stoplights.

In short, smart electric bike design doesn't begin with the frame. Frame follows the wheels.


Benno Remidemi E-Bike in Turmeric


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Benno High Rail Plus for Benno Boost E-Bikes

Benno Rail Pad with Zippered Closure

Benno Half Size Pad for Cargo Rear Rack Passenger

Benno Front Utility Tray in Black

"The Benno RemiDemi is a fun and versatile bike that’s just the kind of thing you need if you’re hankering after a cargo bike but you really don’t have the space for one."

E-Bike Tips

May 17, 2021


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