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Mind-reading acceleration and cornering.


Tested globally by families and couriers.


Ridiculously light. Incredibly strong.


Bullitt Cargo Bike outside of Grocery Store
Two kids in a Bullitt Cargo bike with BBX sidepanels
Bike messenger race top-view with Bullitt cargo bikes


Illustration of Larry from Larry Versus Harry


Bullitt, also known as Larry Vs Harry, was started by Larry and Harry; two nice fellows from Copenhagen. Apparently, they don't agree on everything, hence the name.

Larry is known as the quiet one. He avoids interviews and he's managed to keep a low presence on the internet, which is quite a thing these days. He's also a genius, having designed family cargo trikes at Winther (a company we also import), another company in Denmark famous for it's highly engineered design. Basically, Larry is one of the world's highest profile cargo bike engineers; even if he keeps a low profile.

Larry is a performance cyclist himself - which explains the Bullitt's super lightweight frame, hi-spec parts and speedy performance - but family cycling is in his blood. That's why the Bullitt has all sorts of cleverly engineered plug-and-play options like the Foldable Seat and Canopy.

Larry's goal? To make the speediest, safest cargo bike on the market for families. Mission accomplished, oh quiet one!

Illustration of Harry from Larry Versus Harry


Harry is the yang to Larry's yin. He's the front man of the Bullitt brand and also, it seems, an Elvis impersonator.

Harry's background is very different from Larry's, Harry was a carpenter who did all of his contracting by cargo bike. Back then, he rode an ancient Danish Long-john bike that saved him tons of money and time. It's important to remark that the Danes invented the two-wheeled cargo bike - originally for courier delivery - and Harry wanted to reclaim that design back from the Dutch. The Dutch, after all, basically took the Danish Long-john and turned it into a tank.

Today, Bullitt is famous for being the most prolific global delivery bike out there; used by FedEx and nearly all serious courier companies. That's all thanks to Harry; he's the cargo-for-business side of the company.

The story goes that Harry convinced Larry that a bike is still faster than a trike, and Larry coudn't help but agree. Larry convinced Harry that they should stop talking and do this thing. The rest, we suppose, is history. And, what a proven history it's been!


Illustration of woman in red riding red Bullitt cargo bike with a child passing angry drivers



Most cargo bikes are made up of a front and rear frame bolted together. Not the Bullitt. The Bullitt is a super-strong one-piece frame, welded out of aircraft aluminum. The stiffest, lightest and most responsive cargo bike your money can buy.


What's the point of a speedy cargo bike if you can't pass anyone? The Bullitt is roomy but only 46cm wide, giving you tons of passing lane.


Bullitt uses Shimano motors because Shimano is a bike company, unlike Bosch - who make fridges. Shimano motors are light, narrow and incredibly powerful; with exemplary battery life and a precision tuning that intuitively reads rider inputs.


Larry Versus Harry Bullitt Acoustic

The Original

Pedal Powered for the Purist

This is the lightest, fastest, and most responsive cargo bike money can buy. Choose between wide-range external drivetrains or low-maintenance internally geared systems with even lower maintenance belt drives.

Larry Versus Harry E6100

The City Electric

Low Maintenance and All Weather

Powered by Shimano's powerful E6100 motor, this is the ultimate city bike, equipped with the bomb-proof Shimano Nexus 5-speed gear hub, electric shifting and the near-immortal Gates Belt Drive.

Larry Versus Harry EP8

Big Time Electric

Big Gear Range, Bigger Power

Big hills? Big cargo? Or, big trips? Shimano's EP8 motor punches out 80nm of pure power. And the massive 418% gear range (with electric shifting!), makes it perfect for touring-grade distances.



Bullitt bike in white with two kids playing in the box

For Families

Nothing beats a Bullitt for carrying kids. Unlike most cargo bikes, the cargo load on a Bullitt sits as low as possible, increasing safety through better handling. And, with lots of impact-resistant boxes for your kids, you are assured of maximum safety.

Canopy Kit

Rollover image of Bullitt canopy showing structural aluminum frame

The safest kid-carrying system on the market. Made of an impact-resistant roll-bar that keeps weight as low as possible to ensure safe handling. Features lots of zips for open-air summer riding and a waterproof cover for wetter days.

CANOPY KIDS PACK: Honeycomb Board, Foldable Seat (1 kid) or Twin Seat (2 kids) and Canopy.

Convoy Box Kit

Picture of Convoy Box for Bullitt in white

Designed by Convoy in Essen, Germany, the Evo Box is constructed of welded aircraft aluminum and is a bit wider than the BBX or Canopy kits, meaning two kids fit perfectly. Comes with waterproof cover.

BBX KIDS PACK: Just the Convoy Evo box, that's it!


Bullitt bike carrying tons of stuff for contractor work

For Carrying Stuff

Need a bike with loads of trunk space? The Bullitt gives you loads of room for groceries or errands without compromising speed or performance. You could also join the throngs of people who go bike touring on their Bullitt!


Picture of Black Bullitt with BBX sidepanels in black and waterproof cover

The BBX sidepanels are made of an aluminum stress skin over aluminum honeycomb lattice - the same structure as an airplane wing. This keeps your Bullitt light and adds lots of storage space too. Comes with a waterproof cover.

CANOPY KIDS PACK: Honeycomb Board, BBX Sidepanels (your choice of colour).

Bagaboo Box

Picture of Bagaboo box on a Bullitt bike

Bagaboo is a cool company out of Hungary with a massive following in the bike messenger community. With three bag sizes available (the Small is small, the Medium is medium and the Large is HUGE!) you get a lightweight, waterproof bag designed for your Bullitt.

Larry Versus Harry FedEx Bullitts at depot in Toronto

For Business

At Curbside we've provided tons of companies with Bullitt's for their business; from FedEx to Pilot Coffee to Toronto's own Send-it courier. Bullitts are renowned as the world's toughest and most proven bike for business. Learn more about bikes for business here!

Convoy Box

Picture of a DHL Bullitt cargo bike in Groningen Holland

The choice of DHL across for their European Bullitt fleet and FedEx here in North America. Made of super-strong aircraft aluminum and welded by hand. Lockable box and lots of places for your logo! Sizes from 160L to 315L.

INQUIRE. Email us below for more info on the various Convoy Box options!

Bagaboo Rolltop

Picture of huge Bagaboo rolltop bag on a Bullitt bike

Cost effective and absolutely HUGE, the Bagaboo rolltop is made of water-resistant cordura and is incredibly durable and abrasion resistant. Up to 400L in capacity! Add some custom embroidery on the side and you have a box that is lighter and cheaper than the Convoy boxes.

BBX KIDS PACK: No Honeycomb board required, just the bag!


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Introducing Larry versus Harry, aka Bullitt Bikes, born in Denmark and now - for the first time - available in Canada! Curbside Cycle is the first and largest Bullitt retailer in Canada and we serve all Canadian cities. A Bullitt is perfect for those rainy Vancouver days, those snowy Montreal winters, the urban gridlock of Toronto, and wherever else winter likes to express itself: Calgary, Edmonton, and Halifax too. What do we love the most about Bullitt? It's a legendary Danish cargo bike made for lightweight handling and speed and used by FedEx, DHL and happy families everywhere. Unlike competitors like Triobike, a Bullitt is the real Danish original and uses high quality Shimano motors that promise amazing quality and easy serviceability. We carry Bullitt at Curbside because we take our leadership in the cargo bike market seriously. Bullitt are real leaders, having essentially reinvented the cargo bike market for the performance cargo cyclist. Often imitated, never replicated. No copycats here!

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