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Why Bullitt?

No Excuses

Have kids? Keep riding and create memories.

Total Safety

Impact resistant frame and accessories keep precious cargo safe!


Light and stiff frame feels like your regular bike.

For the Explorer in Everyone

Whatever Your Needs May Be

  • For Kids

  • For Performance

  • For Cargo

Responsive Design

Lightweight and stiff aluminum frame with short wheelbase for optimal handling.

Best in Class Parts

Powerful disc brakes, strong wheels and five high performance drivetrain options.

Adjustable Fit + Performance

Change handlebar and seat height quickly for different rider height and feel.

The Cargo Bike for Errands + Adventures

Bullitt Points

Choose from 9 colours of frames
Fenders to keep your clothing clean
Wide variety of internal or external drivetrain options
Strong and lightweight alloy kickstand
Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
Puncture resistant tires
Optional cargo and kid packs fit on chassis
Adjustable riding height
Lightweight and stiff aluminum frame

Parts Kits


Low maintenance, 7 speed internal hub gear. Ideal for lighter loads and few hills.


Top of the line 8 speed internal hub gear. Wide range for heavier loads and hills (optional Gates Belt Drive).


Lightweight and efficient derailleur system smoothly shifts across 20 speeds. Equipped for any terrain and payload.


A 418% gear range across 22 gearsof effortless shifting. For high-performance feel, and ready for anything you are.


250W of e-assist power and 50nM of torque make long distance feel short, powering you up hills with ease.


350W of power and 70nM of torque for a powerful, high-performance and simply dream-like ride.


  • Canopy:

    Weather-proofing for your kids with a view to boot!

  • Sidepanels:

    Turn your Bullitt into full-on cargo machine with strong, lightweight panels

  • Seat:

    Comfy, streamlined, and folds down to practically nothing!

  • Convoy Box:

    The biggest and strongest box available for your most valued goods

  • Billboard:

    Got something to tell the world? Let your Bullitt do the talking

  • Garage:

    Keep your bike looking shiny and new with full bike coverage

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