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Fahrradmanufaktur bikes
Fahrradmanufaktur bikes
Fahrradmanufaktur bikes

Ich bin ein Berliner

VSF Fahrradmanukfatur (literally: 'bicycle manufacturer') was born in Germany, a country that is similar to Canada for its four-season climate. In this regard, a Fahrradmanufaktur is similar to other Northern European bike manufacturers who make low-maintenance, high-quality, all-season city bikes. But, that's where the similarity ends.

Unlike small, flat, and dense cities like Copenhagen or Amsterdam, Fahrradmanukfatur was born in Berlin, a Northern European city similar to Toronto in size, sprawl and seasonality. Like Canadians, Germans are city folk with a strong outdoorsy streak, and that's why their bikes use modern geometry and lighter-weight materials, designed for longer commutes, hills, or weekend exploration.

Making bikes that are durable but lightweight and efficient yet low maintenance requires high standards and precision engineering. Like an F1 car, regulations drive performance, and performance drives competition. Fahrradmanufaktur practically invented the German regulations for a city bike (see right sidebar) and each bike is chock full of parts made by other German companies who use their engineering heritage to compete for lighter, stronger, and higher performance parts; all at affordable prices.

'Verbund Selbstverwalteter Fahrradbetriebe'

Fahrradmanufaktur started in 1980's Cold War West Berlin, home to punk rock bike communes run out of collectivist squats. Like Toronto, Montreal and Copenhagen, the bike culture of Berlin was an activist grounds-up phenomena that neither politicians nor the bike industry cared much about. This left a whole bunch of pioneering city bike stores on the front lines of a movement without proper raw material. Dutch bikes were quality but too heavy. Mountain bikes were light but too high-maintenance.

In response, these stores started the Verbund Selbstverwalteter Fahrradbetriebemeant, or VSF, which literally translates as "self governed bike stores" - which is pretty punk rock. The VSF began by regulating what isn't or is a city bike by grading them with VSF status. The idea was that this would pressure the bike industry to make VSF certified bikes. Bikes with internal gears, fenders, chain-guards, built-in lighting and kickstands all received high VSF standards. Today, these VSF standards form the Straßenverkehrszulassungsordnung, or, the Federal law for city bikes. That's pretty cool.

The long and short of the story is that the Germany bike industry still didn't care about some Berliners selling city bikes, so VSF started the bike company that embodied their regulative ideal. And hence, Fahrradmanufaktur was borne.


Fahrradmanufaktur bikes


Steel Frames

You think a mountain bike needs to be tough? A city bike needs to be tougher. In a single day, a city bike will ride over potholes, park against metal poles, and freeze outside overnight in a Northeastern winter. That's why Fahrradmanufaktur bikes are made out of powder-coated steel. Steel is 30% stronger than aluminum and is made to last.

Town & Country

Most quality city bikes have traditionally come from Holland, where commutes are short. This is why most Dutch bikes haven't kept pace with evolutions in modern geometry or materials - they never needed to! Fahrradmanufaktur began in Berlin, a megacity with sprawling, four-season commutes and a populace who loves the outdoors. Dutch quality meets German engineering. Engineered to do more!

Premium Mobilität

Each part on a Fahrradmanufaktur bike adheres to standards that push performance, efficiency, longevity, ergonomics and safety. From the dynamo lights to the kickstand - even to the tires! - most parts are made in the EU and VSF certified for the utmost quality.


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