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Linus Dutchi Canada
Linus Dutchi Canada
Linus Dutchi Canada

Sprawled-out Los Angeles may seem a strange place for North America's first city bike company to originate, but anyone who has been to Venice Beach knows it as a tight-knit community made of bikeable distances - historically handled with beach cruisers. And, there is nothing less elegant than a grown adult on a beach cruiser.

At the time Linus started companies like Curbside had been importing Dutch bikes into North America for several years. At this time, Dutch bikes were media darlings, inspiring a groundswell of new cycling citizens who could easily see themselves riding an elegant city bike to work. However, Dutch bikes were heavy, very heavy, And, Dutch bikes had become so commoditized in Holland that the custodians of their iconic beauty had long been furloughed.

Linus recaptured the iconic Dutch beauty with gorgeous colours reminiscent of Charles and Ray Eames and old 1960's Mercedes cars. And, they made the bike lighter, much lighter! And, they were successful. Linus is now an international brand, with over 100,000 bikes on the road. There isn't a single North American city bike that doesn't owe a debt of gratitude to Linus. They showed consumers that anyone could be a cyclist, and that's what we believe too!

Linus Roadster Canada


We wanted to make something that was classic, it wasn’t about trying to reinvent itself each year. For me it was about creating a beautiful, simple bike, with an original, useful form that could exist from year to year. It almost works as a uniform, it’s a reliable form that you can always go back to, like a VW bug, converse shoes, Levis jeans. It doesn’t need to constantly reinvent itself."



Steel is real, and there are many reasons for that. At once elegant, steel is also 30% stronger than aluminum frames, and that's important in the city. Plus, steel has a delightful ride quality; it absorbs shock and has a responsive, lively feel. There's a reason most city bikes worldwide are made of steel!


Every bike store sells the same hunched-over hybrid designed for pleasure riding. But, what's so pleasurable about that? Linus puts pleasure before speed. They ask you to slow down and sit upright, so you can enjoy the ride. Somewhere between speed and slow lies upright efficiency, and that's where pleasure can be found.


The bike, not the car! Like all European city bikes, the Linus bikes we import all use internal gear hubs. That means the gears are all internally sealed from grime, gunk and accidents. Where most bike stores sell bikes with 21, 24, 27 or even 33 speeds, Linus gives you all the speeds you actually need, packed nicely into a low-maintenance package.

Linus Dutchi Canada


Linus Mixte Canada


Linus Roadster Canada



The bike that gave Linus its name! The Dutchi takes classic Dutch upright geometry and updates it onto a lighter frame that is glorious to ride. The position keeps shoulders relaxed, eyes alert, and puts more wind in your hair. Like a real Dutch bike, the Dutchi uses a chainguard so you can rock those wide-legged pants or maxi-dresses without worrying about oil. The low maintenance gear hub keeps friendly visits to the shop brief, and the rear rack and kickstand help load up those after-work grocery supply runs. This is the bike that started a revolution. 100% unisex.


Unisex and ambidextrous, the Mixte is a sporty step-through with an extra-stiff frame that feels fast and fun. Like the Roadster, the Mixte has a shorter head tube, dropping the riders position into something still upright, but far more responsive. With that little extra weight on the hands, the steering feels more controlled. And, with that slight decline of the back, acceleration opens up. Like all Linus bikes, the Mixte has a low maintenance hub and is fully equipped: rack, kickstand, and full fender set for those rainy days. Mix it up!


For those who adore the clean symmetry of the classic diamond frame, this is it. Like the Mixte, the Roadster uses a slightly shorter head tube that rocks the pelvis over the cranks for more acceleration, and plants more hand onto the grips for high reaction maneuverability. Equipped with a low-maintenance internal gear hub, the Roadster is a low-maintenance machine made to multi-task that high proximity lifestyle that only a bike can handle the best. City living needs a proper city bike, and the Roadster answers the call.

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