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Pelago, made in Finland


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Pelago Bikes Made For Helsinki Made For Canada
Pelago Bikes Made For Helsinki Made For Canada
Pelago Bikes Made For Helsinki Made For Canada

Serve The Purpose

Pelago was founded to cherish cycling as a genuine mode of transport. A Pelago bike delivers a breeze of fresh air to everyday urban gridlock, bringing joy and freedom to the daily journey.

A good bicycle is the freedom to change pace, whether a workout on the way to a meeting, a charge of energy on an early morning ride, or an evening ride to the local gastropub. Pelago makes beautiful objects; bicycles that are a transparent vehicle for one’s self-expression, a beautiful tool to use.

Pelago Bikes Made For Helsinki Made For Canada

Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas

Durability, functionality, beauty. The Pelago range meets at the crossroads of art and design, outdoors and street culture. Good bikes for a better life.

Pelago bikes are designed to make the most out of the daily journey and to serve multiple purposes. Commuting, enjoying the great outdoors, taking a detour for slow travel or challenging yourself on the road – the Pelago range of bikes covers various needs.


Pelago bikes pay respect to the timeless architecture of classic bike aesthetics. The strong steel frame naturally soaks up vibration and is a reliable choice for multiple cycling purposes – from long distance gravel road riding to urban commuting and beyond. Simple and minimalist Nordic design subtly furnished with small and beautiful details.


A comfortable riding position means you have a position on the bike that lets you ride as long as you want, as hard as you want, and stay comfortable the entire time. Pelago is convinced that cycling is more comfortable, fluent and efficient with a well-functioning easy-rolling machine. Designed to look good, but more importantly: to feel good.


All Pelago bikes have puncture protected tires to make your transportation as easy as possible. All tires feature a puncture-resistant lining under the rubber to ensure you arrive on-time and most of all: stress-free. Because flat tires suck!

Pelago Bikes now in North America
Pelago Bikes now in North America

The minimalist design of the Pelago Brooklyn pays homage to the classic European step-through bicycle. Furnished with details that serve your A to B ride with some extra C, D, X and Y's added as lovely touches. A timeless bike that reflects the concrete virtues of Scandinavian bike culture.

Made with quality components, the Brooklyn offers a reliable and smooth riding experience. The steel frame and comfortable Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres soften road vibrations. And, the Brooks leather saddle adds to the comfort; breaking in like a pair of nice leather shoes!

Beauty isn't skin deep with this bike. The strong powdercoat finish protects from chips and the robust steel fenders will protect you from splashes when it gets wet. Best of all, the gears are built into the rear hub, protecting the gears from contamination and ensuring a low-maintenance ride. Need to carry stuff? The Brooklyn is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend your cargo capabilities.

The Pelago Bristol is for city cycling, getting going and going places. It draws its inspiration from classic bike aesthetics and, dare we say, is already a modern classic in its own right. It is relevant today and will be relevant for ages to come.

If you want a bike that is transportation and serves as a transportation, you’ll need reliability. The Bristol delivers. Made with reliable components, the Pelago Bristol is smooth and easy to ride. The rigid steel frame and comfortable puncture protected tires soften road vibrations, whether riding along smooth asphalt, cobblestones or potholed North American streets. The robust steel fenders keep you dry from wet splashes.

Designed for Nordic climates, the strong chip-resistant powdercoat finish resists snowy and salty conditions. Complimenting this is the internal gear hub, which seals a wide range of gears into a low-maintenance package. Whether Toronto or Helsinki, this is the all weather city bike. And, like every Pelago, there are mounting points for front and rear racks.

Pelago: all your stuff, all year round


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