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The Load 60:
Freedom, unloaded.

A low centre of gravity and huge cargo bed let you haul anything while still enjoying the bike's full suspension and sporty feel.





Freedom feels like wind in your hair, speeding along straightaways, with everything you need along for the ride. The Load 60 delivers in spades with its premium componentry and reliable build. Riese & Muller's Control Technology and Bosch Cargo Line Cruise motor keep you following the line and going the distance, be it on tarmac or single track.

Riese & Muller Load 60 Touring in Coal Grey Matte featuring dualbattery 1000, low sidewalls with the child cover.

Load 60 Touring / Coal Grey Matte / Road Spec / Optional: DualBattery 1000, Low Sidewalls, Two Child Seats, Child Cover

Riese & Muller Load 60 Rohloff in Tundra Grey Matte with the optional GX Option and high side walls with box cover.

Load 60 Rohloff / Tundra Grey Matte / Optional: GX Option, High Side Walls with Box Cover

Riese & Muller Load 60 Vario in Coal Grey Matte.

Load 60 Vario / Coal Grey Matte / Road Spec

For work or play - seize the day.

See how Lars and his family use the Load 60 in Norway where winter can last up to 6 months.

Riese & Muller Load 60 Frame Suspension

Control Technology

Fun and safety, synchronized.

Cargo bikes don't have to be traditional. The Load 60's Control Technology including the optimized chassis and full-suspension system promise and deliver safe riding at high speeds, excellent road grip, and protection from vibrations and hard impacts like cobblestones and street curbs. Tektro TRP C 2.3 cargo brakes pack quite the punch to stop on a dime, no matter the weather or payload.


Childhood Joy Reimagined

Transport up to two children.

Growing family or last-minute sleepover? No problem. The Load 60 can comfortably transport up to two kids in the front cargo box and the optional Child Cover keeps them warm and dry during inclement weather without blocking their view. An extra-spacious footwell ensures there's space for everyone, winter boots and all.

Riese & Muller Load 60 two child seat option with low sidewalls

Riese & Muller Load 60 with high sidewalls and box cover

Bring Everything. Really.

Flexible transport options.

Use the Load 60 for school dropoffs, grocery hauls, carrying tools or materials for small businesses, or going on a weeklong camping expedition - everything fits without impacting the safe, agile riding experience. The low centre of gravity and Control Technology work together to keep the bike feeling nimble yet stable. Carry up to 200 kg/400 lbs of weight on the bike and customize the cargo deck with a myriad of options for kids, cargo, and more.

See and Be Seen - For, Like, Ever.

Stay safe, day and night.

The daytime running light on the ultra-bright Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp with hi-beam functionality lights up the night while offering daytime visibility on busy streets. Paired with the exceptionally bright Supernova M99 tail light with brake-light technology, this is a lighting system that won't let you down and will burn bright for years, maintenance-free.

Supernova M99 Mini Pro front light e-bike

Riese & Muller Load 60 Adjustable Stem

Switch It Up

Change riders and seating position quickly.

The angle- and height-adjustable stem paired with the quick-release seatpost lets you change your riding position by leaps and bounds. Quickly swap between riders ranging in height from 4'11" to 6'5" - perfect for parents or business partners of wildly different statures sharing the bike for work or play.

Man in green and a helmet riding a Riese & Muller Load 60 with high sidewalls and box cover in the desert.
Close up of Supernova M99 rear light
Man in green standing with Riese & Muller Load 60 in the desert.
Close up of man's foot on the crank of a Riese & Muller Load 60
Riese & Muller Load 60 Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh battery
Riese & Muller logo and kickstand close up.
Finger tapping smartphone set up on the Riese & Muller SmartphoneHub

Motors, batteries and displays working in unison - unrivalled performance from a trusted manufacturer.

Research your Bosch e-bike system with the Bosch Range Calculator. This tool allows you to input rider weight, riding surface, and many more details to see how far you can ride assisted on a single charge.

This bike uses a Cargo Line Cruise motor paired with a 500W PowerPack or 1,000W DualBattery.

Cargo Options

Low Sidewalls

$112 CAD

A contained deck for lashing your cargo to your bike without losing anything along the way.

Riese & Muller Load 60 with low sidewalls

High Sidewalls with Tarpaulin

$351 CAD

High sidewalls come in handy for transporting larger loads. The tarpaulin conceals and contains your cargo from prying eyes and inclement weather. Roll and secure it to the front of the cargo box with a locking mechanism.

Riese & Muller Load 60 with the high sidewalls and tarpaulin

High Sidewalls with Hard Cover

$421 CAD

High sidewalls come in handy for transporting larger loads. The locking hardcover protects your cargo or tools from thieves or flying out of the box on bumpy rides. It can be partially opened to do double duty as a child protector paired with two forward-facing child seats to keep your kids warmer and drier in shoulder seasons.

Riese & Muller Load 60 with high sidewalls and box cover.

Low Sidewalls with Child Cover

$463 CAD

Low sidewalls make it easy for kids to climb in while providing protection on the road. The fully weatherproofed child cover protects your kids from rain, snow, and errant stones and can be opened along the sides in summer for a breezy ride.

Riese & Muller Load 60 with Low sidewalls and child cover

High Sidewalls with Child Cover

$561 CAD

High sidewalls provide the best protection for your precious cargo. The fully weatherproofed child cover protects your kids from rain, snow, and errant stones and can be opened along the sides in summer for a breezy ride.

Riese & Muller Load 60 with high sidewalls and child cover

Two Child Seats with Footwell

$351 CAD

Two padded seats with height-adjustable headrests provide secure seating for kids up to age 8. Five-point seatbelts ensure their safety along the journey. Only one passenger? No problem - simply remove one seat and attach the remaining one in the centre of the cargo box for more storage space and a comfortable ride for your little one.

This option is only available paired with the Low or High Sidewalls option.

Riese & Muller Load 60 with two child seats

Glove Compartment

$183 CAD

Built into the cargo area, the glove compartment features a space for bags or smaller items so that they do not shift around while riding. A spray guard below the compartment keeps your items dry.


Riese & Muller Load 60 with the glove compartment

Build Options

Bosch Intuvia display

Bosch Intuvia Display

Comes standard

Intuvia keeps things simple alongside full control. A black-and-white screen is visible even in the brightest sunlight and provides data on battery status, range, daily mileage, riding time, current motor power, time, speed, and average travel speed.

The Intuvia is operated using a remote control mounted alongside your handlebar grip for easy thumb access.

Bosch SmartphoneHub

SmartphoneHub Cockpit

$140 CAD

Turn your smartphone into an e-bike display with tons of capability. Combine smart navigation with weather updates, fitness data, audiobooks, podcasts and music, and the ability to make and take phone calls on the road. Internal cable routing and an adjustable stem angle keep things clean and flexible for your unique riding needs. Includes a simple black-and-white display behind the phone mount for days when you want to truly go off the grid.

Not compatible with Rohloff models.

Bosch Nyon Display

Nyon Cockpit

$421 CAD

The Kiox display unit is integrated into the cockpit with internal cabling that keeps things minimalist and clean. An adjustable stem angle allows you to adjust between a sporty aggressive position or a more upright and relaxed one.

A colour touchscreen display provides navigation and trailblazing capability alongside fitness data to ensure you make the most of your riding time.

Bosch 500wh PowerPack battery

Single Battery

Comes standard

A single Bosch PowerPack 500Wh battery will take you up to 100km on a single charge - perfect for day-long rides close to home or with easy access to a recharging pit stop.

Bosch DualBattery 1000wh


$1,401 CAD

Two Bosch PowerPack 500Wh batteries combine their charge to provide 1000Wh total of e-assist capacity. The batteries provide up to 200km of ridign without needing a recharge - perfect for multi-day weekend trips or long-haul rides far from home.

Rear wheel of Riese & Muller Load 60 with Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tire

Road Spec

Comes standard

Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires provide the width and grip you need for urban roads and light gravel trails while offering enough cushion for precious cargo.  


R&M GX Option

GX Option - All Terrain

$70 CAD

This one's for the off-road enthusiasts. Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus tires guarantee exceptional grip, especially when cornering. 3mm of puncture-proof protection within the tire provides peace of mind over rough rock or road debris. Wide VP 538 pedals add sandpaper-like grip for your feet to stay put.

Detail shot of rear carrier for Riese & Muller Load 60

Rear Carrier

$183 CAD

Need more storage space? Secure panniers or baskets to the Rear Carrier, which utilizes the frame's built-in suspension to keep your kit safe on every topography and terrain.

R&M ABUS additional chain lock with bag

Additional Chain Lock with Bag

$70 CAD

An included ABUS Shield frame lock secures your rear wheel and prevents theft when you're close by, but what if you need to leave your bike locked? The 130cm ABUS chain lock connects to the Shield frame lock and is keyed-alike with your battery for minimal key carry. A saddlebag keeps the chain lock close and at hand when you need it without making noise or getting in the way while riding.

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(Please note that Gloss White colour option has been discontinued for 2022)

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Model Selection

Starting at $11,359 CAD


Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor

Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh or DualBattery 1000 Wh

Shimano Deore XT, 11-speed Derailleur with Chain

Configurable accessories

Gear Inches: 79.5 - 361.0 

Starting at $11,859 CAD


Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor

Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh or DualBattery 1000 Wh

Enviolo 380 Continuous Hub Gear with Gates Belt Drive

Configurable accessories

Gear Inches: 103.5 - 392.9 

Starting at $13,879 CAD


Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor

Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh or DualBattery 1000 Wh

Rohloff E-14 Speedhub, 14-speed Hub Gear, Gates Belt Drive

Configurable accessories

Gear Inches: 65.75 - 351.6 





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