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We launched Ride Out Of The Box™ because we know how difficult it can be to find a good city, cargo or folding bike at your local bike shop. Most bike shops seem to prioritize performance and adrenaline bikes, and while there's certainly a market for that, our bikes are designed for practicality. style and joyful fun.

If you're looking for a comfortable and fashionable city bike, a handy folding bike, or a cargo bike for your family (or business) we've made it our mission to get you the highest quality bike, delivered to your door. Your bike is professionally tuned by an professional mechanic and packed into a custom box.

Your bike arrives damage-free, tool-free and 100% ready-to-ride. Just cut open the cardboard and ride out of the box!


Ride Out Of The Box™ is about delivering a fully assembled and tuned bike right to your front door, ready to ride.

We take packaging seriously. Bikes can't stand up by themselves so if the box is holding the bike up, then the bike is impacted if the box is impacted. That's not good. We stand the bike up and let the box form a protective shield around the bike, which is what the box is supposed to do. Should the box be damaged the bike will be perfectly OK.

Unlike all of our competitors, we don't use the courier system. Courier companies use large automated conveyers, some of which have steep 45 degree angles that are fine for small packages but catastrophic for bikes. We use freight trucks, the same companies IKEA use to deliver your couch. This minimizes the number of times the bike is handled and ensures perfect, damage-free delivery.


For cargo bikes we build a wooden pallet and attach a custom-made, telescoping box.

We professionally tune your cargo bike and then roll it into the box, strapping it down by the wheels to the pallet, ensuring there is no movement within the box.

The driver then picks up the bike and gives you a call, arranging an appointment so that you're there when the bike arrives.

The driver will then put the bike onto the trucks tailgate, lower it to the ground, and all you have to do is open up the box and ride away!


For city bikes we use a custom-made box using a simple wooden frame that we strap the bike onto using cargo-straps, so the bike is freestanding and not leaning against the box.

When the bike is fastened we pop the box around the bike and secure a cardboard lid - all of which we then tie down with cargo straps.

The driver then picks up the bike and gives you a call, arranging an appointment so that you're there when the bike arrives.

The driver will then put the bike onto the trucks tailgate, lower it to the ground, and all you have to do is open up the box and ride away!


We've shipped hundreds of cargo bikes, folding bikes, and city bikes all over North America without damage to very happy customers.

Have a question? Please email online@curbsidecycle.com. Or, just give us a shout at 1-866-920-4933 (toll free)

How much is Ride Out of the Box Shipping?

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Did you know we ship bikes completely built and ready to ride? Our bikes are shipped Ride Out Of The Box meaning they are professionally tuned and delivered - worry free. Your bike will arrive at your door step with any accessories installed, so you can ride it right out of the box!

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Want to learn more about our Ride Out Of The Box shipping? Keep reading here.
Learn more about our return policy here.

Want to know how much shipping will cost? Just tell us where its going!

"My experience with Curbside Cycle was great! The Bromptons arrived ahead of schedule and they were truly ready to ride upon opening the box—not even so much as a single scratch to either bike!

Merv, Saskatoon SK




"I bought an Achielle Craighton from Curbside and it was a great experience. They shipped to me in their “Ride Out of the Box” and it arrived in perfect shape and was ready to ride without any effort on my part--saving a trip to the local bike shop and the added expense of having someone prepare it for riding. Crazy beautiful. From Belgium to Canada to me--no assembly necessary.

Derek, Detroit MI

"We just received our big box. It's almost as big as the car we sold!"

Stephen, Edmonton AB






Where do you ship?

We ship pretty much everywhere! We've shipped to some pretty remote places, including a cargo bike to a daycare in Hay River, NWT, and another one to Labrador City, NL. Note that in cases where we serve remote clients there may be added shipping surcharges. If you live in a remote area and are looking for a bike, please inquire!


What if damage does occur?

It's never happened yet! But, as a rule, if the box is no longer fitting over the pallet and has big or significant punctures then do not sign for the package, Call us and we will ask for an inspection before delivery is confirmed.


What if I want to return the bike?

We offer returns on all bikes shipped, but it comes with a cost. The bike must be re-palletized and boxed for safety, and we will charge true-cost for return shipping, including all accessorial fees. We've shipped hundreds of bikes across North America and not have had one return, nor even a request for a return! This is because we take the time to answer all your questions, ensuring you're making the right decision. The other reason we haven't had any returns? People love their bikes!


What if I need service after I buy the bike?

All of the bikes we sell are very low maintenance and require a minimum of after-sales parts and labour, although a yearly tune-up is always recommended!! All of our bikes are easily serviceable by any bike store and use standard drivetrain and brake parts that are recognized across the industry. Where parts are proprietary - in the case of Brompton folding bikes or some Cargo bikes - these are always long-wearing parts that rarely need replacement. If, for some reason, replacement of a proprietary part is required, we are committed to carrying a large inventory of parts that we can ship easily to your destination. Our professional mechanics are also able to assist your own mechanic with any questions they might have!


What about customs duties or state taxes?

If you're buying in Canada we charge GST or HST and don't need to worry about brokerage costs or duties. If you're buying in the USA we cover all brokerage and duties. However, one bonus of buying cross-border is that we can't charge you US or Canadian taxes, so the price you see on each bike is the price you pay at checkout. Your bike arrives just like any package would arrive, no extra paperwork or costs required.


Seems expensive, can you explain the costs?

In a world of free shipping it should be noted that nothing, of course, is free - especially shipping. Most companies just build shipping into the price of their bikes. Our philosophy is that shipping is only worth it if the bike is worth it, and the bikes we sell are designed for a lifetime of riding - so you only have to pay for shipping once. Each bike we ship is worth shipping, that's why it arrives on a custom built pallet, a custom cardboard box - all of which have their own costs but are there to ensure 100% damage-free delivery.



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A folding bike is life-changing! It packs up for travel, hides under your desk, and negotiates the city with agility and efficiency. We carry the Brompton folding bike, handmade in London, England. The original folding bike and the best!

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