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Ride Out of the Box™


We launched Ride Out Of The Box™ because we know how difficult it can be to find a good city, cargo or folding bike at your local bike shop.  Most bike shops seem to prioritize performance and adrenaline over style, practicality and joyful fun. If you're looking for a comfortable and fashionable city bike, a handy folding bike, or a cargo bike for your family (or business) we've made it our mission to get you the highest quality bike, delivered to your door. Your bike is professionally tuned by an experienced mechanic and packed into a custom box. Your bike arrives damage-free, tool-free and 100% ready-to-ride. Just cut open the cardboard and ride out of the box!


 Who could ever want more?

Ride out of the Box

Boxing up a Butchers & Bicycles MK1E to Vancouver, BC


Unlike many online retailers, we're a brick-and-mortar store that imports, sells and repairs bikes. This on-the-ground experience means we know what products work. Many online bike retailers are start-ups with very little bicycle or bike shop experience. These things matter. Add no experience with shipping and you get a badly designed product that arrives damaged in a badly designed box.

At Curbside, we pride ourselves on our experience, our eye for quality, and our ability to deliver. That's why we launched Ride Out Of The Box™, all you need to do is open the box and it's ready to ride!



Sorry UPS, but freight is great. 

This is one ride your bike shouldn't take


Ride Out Of The Box™ is about delivering a fully assembled and tuned bike right to your front door, ready to ride. 

First, we take packaging seriously. Bikes can't stand up by themselves so if the box is holding the bike up, the box isn't much of a shield. Our box uses a simple wooden brace and cargo-strapping to keep the bike standing up. This lets the box function as a shield around the bike, which is what the box is for. Should the box be damaged the bike will be perfectly OK.

Second, unlike all of our competitors, we don't use the courier system. Courier companies use large automated conveyers, some of which have steep 45 degree angles that are fine for small packages but catastrophic for bikes. Things get broken. We use freight trucks, the same companies IKEA use to deliver your couch. This minimizes the number of times the bike is handled.



Cargo trucks delivering cargo bikes

Our custom designed boxes deliver your bike damage-free


For cargo bikes we build a wooden pallet and attach a custom-made, telescoping box. We professionally tune your cargo bike and roll it into the box, strapping it down by the wheels to the pallet, ensuring there is no inner-box movement. It takes us a full day to get the bike boxed and palletized and when the driver picks it up, you'll get a call to arrange drop-off appointment. When the bike arrives the driver will put the bike onto the tailgate, lower it to the ground, and all you have to do is open up the box and ride away!



Strapped down to take a stand

The bike stands up on its own instead of against the box. If the box gets hit, your bike is fine. 


For regular bikes we use a custom-made box using a simple wooden frame that we strap the bike onto using cargo-straps, so the bike is freestanding without help of the box. The middle portion of the box is a sleeve that provides the bike a protective shield. We add the top cardboard lid, strap it all down with cargo-straps and it's ready for pick-up. It takes us a full day to get the bike boxed and palletized and when the driver picks it up, you'll get a call to arrange drop-off appointment. When the bike arrives the driver will put the bike onto the tailgate, lower it to the ground, and all you have to do is open up the box and ride away!



Just unfold and off you go!

Fold, box, deliver, ride. Easy!


With folding bikes we simply tune the bike and put it back in the box it arrived in. Folding bikes are the only bike we will send through the courier network since the boxes are smaller and fit on the UPS conveyer belts (don't worry, there's lots of bubble wrap in the box to ensure zero damage!). However, if you are buying a folding bike and need a carrying case for future airline travel we strongly recommend buying your B&W case in advance as we will pack the bike in this case and then box the whole enchilida. The driver will arrange an appointment with you and you'll soon be out riding!



Thirty years delivering great service

Ride out of the box

We've shipped bikes to Hay River NWT and every corner of North America

We've shipped hundreds of cargo bikes, folding bikes, and city bikes all over North America without damage to very happy customers. Have any questions? Please email online@curbsidecycle.com if you have any questions. Or, just give us a shout at 1-866-920-4933 (toll free)

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My experience with Curbside Cycle was great!  The Bromptons arrived ahead of schedule and they were truly ready to ride upon opening the box—not even so much as a single scratch to either bike! -Merv, Saskatoon SK

* * *

I bought an Achielle Craighton from Curbside and it was a great experience. They shipped to me in their “Ride Out of the Box” and it arrived in perfect shape and was ready to ride without any effort on my part--saving a trip to the local bike shop and the added expense of having someone prepare it for riding. Crazy beautiful. From Belgium to Canada to me--no assembly necessary. - Derek, Detroit MI

* * *

We just received our big box. It's almost as big as the car we sold! - Stephen, Edmonton AB (bought a Butchers & Bicycles)

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