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COVID-19 UPDATE: To help maintain social distance and ensure that our customers and staff feel safe while we all enjoy the healthy and fun benefits of cycling, we are doing new bicycle pickups by appointment. We ask that customers maintain a safe distance from each other and staff, and also refrain from touching products without asking staff members. Any questions? Please email info@curbsidecycle.com  

You bought a new bike! Congratulations! It's time to book a time to safely pick your bike up. You have 30-45 minutes to select any last-minute accessories, ask any questions, and of course: get all sized up!

Due to the high volume of pickups, we're keeping social distancing as high as possible via our appointment system. You can pick up your bike in the front of the store or back of the store. The back of the store is the safest choice, since it limits the number of people on the sidewalk up front. The front of the store is a bit easier. 

If you're coming by the back, you can access the alleyway from Howland. It's an immediate right after the Victory Cafe. There will be a sign or tent set up so you can tell which door is ours. Please knock if the door is closed (if it's raining, windy, or cold the door might be closed). 

If you're coming through the front, please alert us by knocking on the door or talking to the staff member operating our pickup window. 

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