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  • Brompton M2L Turkish Green Urban Folding Bike






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The Brompton Electric M2L is the smart, fast, and reliable way to get around and explore your city. The ultimate electric folding bike, it's designed for multi-modal travel to make your commute effortless. The eye-catching Turkish Green frame finish is a dreamy blend of blue and green that complements the all-black bike with class and style.      

The front hub motor has been designed by Brompton, for Brompton and is powered by a 300Wh battery for 40-80km of range before needing a recharge. 3 unique levels of pedal assistance let you choose how much extra push you need - from a light tailwind all the way to downhill speed on an uphill climb. The bike's folding brilliance means it can be brought indoors at your destination to keep it safe from thieves. 

At just 38.6 lbs without accessories, the Brompton Electric is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. The 3kg / 6.4 lb battery can be disengaged from the bike frame for easier travel, charging and storage. The bike also rides beautifully without e-assistance - just like a normal Brompton - for days when you want to push yourself and ride unassisted, or during international travel without your battery along for the journey.

The M2L uses the H-Type bar, which is Brompton’s bestseller and the sweet spot for short riders seeking an upright ride or average-height riders wanting a bike that is both efficient and comfortable. The Two Speed gearing is a great solution for those who need more than one gear but want the simplicity, low maintenance and weight savings of a single speed bike. Ideal for a flat city dweller or occasional weekend warrior.

Supplied with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires which offer light puncture resistance for peace of mind, front and rear fenders to keep you dry when the weather turns foul, and the Brompton Electric "essentials bag" with 1.5L of storage space. Built-in e-bike lights are German-made Busch & Muller and Dutch-made Spanninga and provide excellent visibility on dark roads. Upgrade to the Brompton Fast Charger or City Bag 20L for even more versatility on long rides and to make this bike even more useful. 

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  • Brompton Electric M2L - Turkish Green
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  • Most compact e-bike on the market
  • Adds e-assistance to your pedal strokes, up to 25 km/h
  • 40-80km range on a single charge, depending on assistance level and terrain 
  • Unisex, low standover frame for easy dismounting 
  • Low weight and removable battery makes it super portable
  • Easily tow the bike behind you when folded
  • Smooth power delivery eases into and out of e-assistance - No unexpected jolts forward or battery cut-outs
  • Optimal power-to-weight ratio
  • 2 year warranty on electrical system
  • Battery will last an estimated 24,000 km
  • Choose from Standard, Extended, Telescopic seatposts, or upgrade to lightweight and flexible Titanium
  • Light and fast Marathon Racers included - Upgrade to puncture-proof Marathon tires for more urban protection against road glass and other sharp street debris
  • Standard 1.5 L Essentials Bag is included - Upgrade to 20L City Bag for extra space and adaptability (Brompton Electric is not compatible with non-Electric Brompton bags)
FRAME Brompton Cro-mo steel, Reinforced Headtube, full ED coated, Hand-brazed in England
FORK Brompton Cro-mo steel, Reinforced Steerer-Tube, full ED coated, Hand-brazed in England
SWINGARM Brompton Cro-mo steel, full ED coated, Hand-brazed in England

Turkish Green

HEADSET Brompton Steel - Black

Brompton M Type (Moderate riding position)

Cro-mo steel, full ED coated, Hand-brazed in England

HANDLEBAR Brompton M Bar - Black
GRIPS Brompton Lock-On - Black
SEATPOST Brompton Steel Standard, Extended or Telescopic - Black
SEAT Brompton Standard or Wide with built in handle and rear light mount
BRAKES Brompton Dual Pivot - Black
BRAKE LEVERS Brompton with Integrated Bell and Shifters - Black
SHIFTERS Brompton Integrated Gear Trigger - 2-Speed L
R. DERAILLEUR Brompton Chain Tensioner with 2sp derailleur
FRONT HUB Brompton Proprietary Motor - 28h - Black

2-Speed - Brompton Alloy with Sealed Bearings - Black

SPOKES Stainless Steel Butted - Black
RIMS Brompton Alloy, Double Walled - Black with Machined Braking Surface
TIRES Schwalbe Marathon Racer
BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge 119mm JIS - Integrated Torque Sensor

Brompton 5-bolt - 50T - Black

Can be swapped to 44T or 54T at no extra charge


2-Speed - Brompton 12/16T

PEDALS Brompton (left hand folds) - Black
RACK Optional
FENDERS Brompton Chromoplastic - Black
SUSPENSION Rubber Elastomer - Firm

Bike: From 14.65 kg (32.3 lbs)

Battery: 2.9 kg (6.39 lbs)

FRONT CARRIER FCB with integrated battery mount and controller
PUMP Brompton/Zefal

Front: 40 Lux B&M AVY

Rear: Spanninga Solo XE


Standard: Brompton Essentials 1.5 Litres

Optional: Brompton City 20 Litres


Standard: 2A


Voltage: 36V

Capacity: 8.55Ah

Energy Density: 300Wh

Control: On/Off - Light control - Power Control - Light Sensor 


5V, 1.5A - To charge mobile devices


Proprietary - 74mm wide


Range: 20-45 Miles (40-80km)

Max Assisted Speed: 25 km/h

SIZE Folded Size: 565mm high x 585mm wide x 270mm long (22.2" x 23" x 10.6")


26" - 32" (66cm - 81cm)


28.5" - 34.5" (72cm - 87cm)
TELESCOPIC 27" - 39" (68.5cm - 99cm)
A BIT ABOUT BROMPTON: If you were to walk into the store and look at a Brompton we would say there are three things you should look for in a folding bike. All of them are fairly obvious. One, the bike should ride well - and, on a small wheeled bike that's tricky because there's a fine line between maneuverability (which is a virtue) and twitchiness (which is a vice). Two, the bike should fold well - otherwise you're blood pressure will rise and you'll curse the day you bought it. Third, it should be transportable, or highly storable - because that's the whole point, right?

Brompton is the only company we've seen that answers all three criteria - and believe us, we've tried every brand out there. The reason others can't compete is because Brompton has answered a fundamental engineering problem. If a bike is going to unfold to a large footprint (which takes the twitch out) then it is unfolding to a bigger bike - and by all logic, a bigger bike unfolded would be a bigger bike folded. So, it's pretty much true that for most folding bikes they either have great rideability but poor transportability or vice versa. And nearly all of them are a mess to fold.

Not Brompton. Brompton has designed the Platonic form of all folding bikes. The bike folds to the smallest size on the market, unfolds in a highly precise and easy manner, and has the same axle-to-axle footprint as a hybrid bike. How did they do this? By not only designing a clever frame, but also designing some 1200 proprietary parts that make everything fit - and fit perfectly. Oh, and nearly all of this is made in England. No wonder this bike has a cult following.

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