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  • Convoy Evo Box With Headrest for Bullitt Cargo Bicycle in White with Black Rain Tent on Top (6690496905267)
  • Convoy Evo Box With Headrest for Child Passengers in White With Black Rain Tent on and Unzipped (6690496905267)
  • Convoy Evo Box in White, Cargo Bike Attachment with Headrest With Black Rain Tent Mid-Removal (6690496905267)
  • Rear View of Convoy Evo Box in White With Headrest and Black Rain Tent  (6690496905267)
  • Convoy Evo Box With Headrest for Two Wheel Cargo Bikes in Colour White Without Rain Tent  (6690496905267)
  • Convoy Evo Box With Headrest for Bullitt Bikes in Colour Black Without Rain Tent  (6690496905267)
  • Close Up of Bench with Five-Point Harnesses and Foot Rest in White Convoy Evo Box with Headrest  (6690496905267)
  • Close Up of Inside of White Convoy Evo Box With Headrest and Kids Bench with Safety Harnesses  (6690496905267)







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The Convoy EVO Box is a specially-made aluminium box meant for carrying kids on a Bullitt. Made of a rust-proof, sturdy and lightweight aluminum, it weighs a mere 24 lbs but adds huge carrying capacity to your bike. It's available in black or white powder-coated finish for a custom match for your Bullitt.  

Its bench features a clever design with 3-point harness belts for one or two children, with adjustable belt heights to grow with your kids. The seat leans comfortably back for an ergonomic ride and the seat pad is removable for easy spill clean-ups. A recessed footwell provides more legroom and comfort for bigger kids, and an anti-slip mat provides secure entry and exit on rainy days. 

The addition of the headrest provides your little ones with tons of extra comfort and support. The headrest creates a high back for kids to lean on and is well padded to ensure rider safety. The Convoy raintent fits perfectly on the box and is easily attached via hooks and grommets. Its waterproofing helps keep everyone dry, while the clear side windows ensure no one's view is compromised. 

The EVO box is also designed with parents in mind - a pocket on the back makes the perfect place to store gloves or quick-grab items. The box installs to your Bullitt using a simple 3-point mounting system, and provides 180L of storage space for rides and grocery runs sans-kiddos.  

  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
  • Bullitt Convoy EVO Box
  • Aluminum box with kid-carrying capability - Rust-proof, stable and lightweight
  • Padded headrest extension for extra support & security 
  • Removeable raintent - Fully waterproof with clear windows for taking in the views
  • Ergonomic bench with removable cushion and 3-point harnesses for up to 2 children
  • Recessed footwell provides legroom and extra storage space
  • Anti-slip mat makes getting in and out easy and accident-free
  • Pocket on rear of box - Store your gloves or quick-grab essentials
  • Install with simple 3-point mounting system
  • Weight: 10.7 kg / 24 lbs 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Dimensions: 62.4cm x 38cm x 78cm / 180 L of volume 
  • Made in Germany
          Bullitt Company History: Bullitt is owned by Larry and Harry and the company that owns Bullitt is called Larry Versus Harry, because they don't always agree on everything. When they do, a product like Bullitt appears - the most drool-worthy cargo bike on the market. Larry is an industry veteran in the three-wheeled Danish cargo bike market and Harry is an ex-courier and contractor who used and old Danish two-wheeled "long john" cargo bike. They both agreed that the two-wheeled cargo bike is faster than three-wheeled cargo bike and, is perfect for deliveries where time is money. So, an industry veteran and an ex-courier got together and revived the Danish "long john" (the two wheeled cargo bike is a Danish, not Dutch invention) and today it's used by DHL and families all over the world. This is, unabashedly, the best handling cargo bike on the market, and that means good handling skills are required. If you're an existing cyclist who has a small business or a small family (this bike only seats one kid), this is a cargo bike you can immediately understand. It's obsessively lightweight, uses performance parts you already love, and positions your body over the handlebars for maximum acceleration, cornering and efficiency. It's not a cargo bike for everyone, but in a world of upright, heavy, mini-van style cargo bikes, this is a high-handling and (equally) safe alternative.


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