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Ride with confidence in the face of winter's adversities this year with the ultimate cargo bike winter package. The Winter Essentials Package is designed to keep both you and your bicycle geared up to take on everything the darker months have to throw at you, from cold winds to slippery roads.

Combining the benefits of grippy Continental Top Contact II Premium Winter tires, Muc-Off's Wet conditions lubricant and your choice of  standard or extra warm pogies to keep your hands (and cables) from freezing, the Winter Essentials Package are here to prove one thing - that riding in the winter doesn't need to be scary.  
  • TIRES: REAR TIRE: Continental's Top Contact Winter II Premium tires are an absolute game changer. Using a "micro-siping" tread pattern, the tire creates little micro-grips all over it's surface, providing unparalleled control over the most treacherous surfaces, while retaining precise handling. FRONT TIRE: 20" Schwalbe's Marathon Winter Plus is there to keep your front end from slipping out with the use of  240 Tungsten Carbide & Galvanized Steel spikes and incredible puncture protection.
  • POGIES: The standard pogies are by a company out of Quebec City called Blivet. They know the cold and developed these with another Canadian handcraft business to create a pogie that not only keep your hands warmer but also protect your cables. The other option, extra warm, is by Bar Mitts and they use a 6mm layer of neoprene and are lined with fleece on the inside which make this a tremendous option if you are out in the cold for a long duration of time.
  • LUBE: Muc-Off's -50 lubricant is perfect for winter riding. It has great chain adhesion and it's great for brake and shifter cables too.

CONTINENTAL TOP CONTACT WINTER II PREMIUM REAR TIRE: As the first point of contact with the cold and icy ground, you want to feel confident that your tires are holding the road with maximum grip. If you spend some time online reading the reviews, you'll see there is unanimous agreement that Continental's Top Contact Winter II Premium tires are total game changers. Like a winter car tire, the Contact Winter II tires uses "micro-sipe" tread technology (thousands of teensy tiny treads that grab onto ice) and a softer durometer compound that sticks like glue to icy roads. We've tried them, and we swear by them. For the winter cyclist this is an absolute must-have. 

  • Micro-siping tread pattern for sticky control on icy roads 
  • Softer durometer compound for superior grip
  • Perfect for winter, but can be used year round
  • Vectran Breaker technology for puncture resistance and easy rolling
  • Made in Germany

SCHWALBE MARATHON WINTER PLUS: Featuring the same puncture protection as the standard Schwalbe Marathon but with an additional 240 Tungsten Carbide & Galvanized Steel spikes, this is a great tire for the deepest winters involving intense ice. The reason you want to have a front tire with spikes for that extra traction when the front end of the cargo bike is empty as most of the weight is in the back. This will keep your front end from slipping out.

  • Maximum puncture protection
  • 67 threads-per-inch prevent objects penetrating the casing
  • A double layer of Kevlar reinforced nylon lining prevents punctures
  • The tire's spikes have a core of extremely hard wearing tungsten carbide and a fully galvanized steel base
  • For tires with 85-145 psi
  • Maximum load of up to 300 lbs (100 kg) contingent on tire size

MUC-OFF -50 CHAIN LUBE: Where most lubes will quit, this wet lube lives up to the name! Ideal for wet conditions, and one of the longest lasting lubricants on the market, this is as close to set and forget as it comes. Perfect for both commuters and recreational riders!

  • Low surface friction
  • Ideal for chain, cable, shifters & derailleurs, pedals & cleats
  • Ultra durable, long distance lubrication and protection
  • Excels in long distance, wet or muddy conditions
  • Repels water and inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Suitable for all bicycles
  • Apply 3-4 hours in advance for optimal results, make sure not to get on any braking surfaces!

BLIVET VOK POGIES & MUND GRIPS: Sometimes gloves just can't do the trick. One of the harshest tricks winter has up its frigid sleeves is wind chill, and when chilly winds come a-blowin', Blivet Pogies are what you need to keep both your hands and your cables functioning the way they should. Light, wind-resistant and soft and fleecy on the inside for comfort, these complete any winter bike package!

Blivet Vok Pogie & Mund Grips
  • Lightweight and streamlined
  • Weather-resistant exterior with soft, fleecy interior
  • One Size fits all
  • Outer material - Denier 600 / Inner material - brushed polyester
  • Includes bar plugs to keep pogies in place

BAR MITTS EXTRA WARM: If you are one of those more adventurous folk that goes for long rides or hit the trails, or live in an even colder climate than Southern Ontario, you might find that you will need an even warmer solution. Enter the Bar Mitts! They feature 6mm of waterproof neoprene, a slotted opening for those extra cold days and bolt on directly to the handlebars so they are always there when you need them.

Barr Mitts Mountain Extreme
  • Lightweight and streamlined
  • Water and Windproof exterior with soft, fleecy interior
  • One Size fits all
  • 6mm of Neoprene
  • Includes bar plugs to keep pogies in place
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