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  • T-RANDONNEUR SPORT - SORA 27 (4687078293555)
  • T-RANDONNEUR SPORT - SORA 27 (4687078293555)
  • T-RANDONNEUR SPORT - SORA 27 (4687078293555)
  • T-RANDONNEUR SPORT - SORA 27 (4687078293555)
  • T-RANDONNEUR SPORT - SORA 27 (4687078293555)
  • Fahrrad T-Randonneur Sora 27 Speed Touring Bike (4687078293555)
  • Fahrrad T-Randonneur Sora 27 Speed Touring Bike (4687078293555)





The VSF Fahrradmanufaktur T-Randonneur Sport is all about comfort and speed over long distance, whether that means long-distance touring or pushing your daily mileage (randonneuring). Much like today's modern gravel bikes, the Randonneur uses a geometry that sits between a racing bike and a touring bike - with the option to install a wider tire if desired. Unlike a racing bike, the Randonneur can carry loads, and because these loads are assumed to be lighter (lighter than a heavy-duty touring bike), the geometry is designed for high mileage efficiency that takes comfort seriously. This purpose also explains why the Randonneur uses a drop bar rather than the flat-bar used on their heavy-duty TX-series touring bikes. A drop bar provides multi-hand positions on a vertical plane optimized for speed, a flat bar offers positions on a horizontal plane for comfort. The Randonneur can definitely tour, but it takes daily mileage more seriously - a perfect do-it-all commuter, and a perfect weekend escape pod. 

Perhaps the most amazing thing about a Fahrradmanufaktur bike is the unbelievable amount of European parts already installed. Whether fenders, rack or kickstand, the Randonneur is fitted with no-compromise parts, each with their own legacy of R&D, testing, and quality control. That includes a wide-foot Pletscher kickstand, a Busch & Muller dynamo lighting system (powered by the amazing low-drag SP dynamo PL8 hub) and strong double-walled Schürman rims. Need the perfect long-distance commuter, light-touring or daily mileage bike? The Randonneur Sport is a detail oriented bike for people who know details matter. 

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  • VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur T-Randonneur Sport - All day comfort
  • Distance specific geometry designed for your next big adventure
  • Double butted Cromoly Steel frame - Strong, lightweight and comfortable
  • Shimano Sora 3x9 drivetrain - Perfect for wherever the road takes you
  • Avid BB5 disc brakes - Powerful and reliable, even fully loaded
  • B&M Dynamo Lighting - Bright and safe lighting 24/7
  • Shutter Precision PL8 Dynamo Hub - Low drag and lightweight
  • SKS Fenders - Unbreakable, lightweight ChromoPlastic SKS fenders
  • Selle Italia CX Cross SL saddle - made in Italy - Comfy!
  • Schürman double walled rims - Strong and lightweight
  • Schwalbe Smart Sam tires - Very puncture-resistant and multi use
  • Strong side mount kick stand - made in Switzerland  
    FRAME 25 CrMo 4, double-butted - Powdercoated
    FORK 25 CrMo 4, double-butted - Powdercoated
    HEADSET Ritchey Comp Logic V2, 1-1/8”
    STEM Level Nine 1-1/8 Threadless
    HANDLEBAR Level Nine Aluminum
    GRIPS Velo High Density bartape
    SEATPOST Level Nine 
    SEAT Selle Italia CX Cross SL - Made in Italy
    BRAKES Avid BB5 (160 mm) Mechanical Disc brake
    BRAKE LEVERS Shimano Sora
    SHIFTER Shimano Sora
    FRONT HUB Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo
    REAR HUB KT Road
    SPOKES Niro 2.0 (14G) Stainless Steel, 36 Spokes
    RIMS Schürmann YAK19 Double Walled - Made in Germany
    TIRES Schwalbe Smart Sam, 37-622
    BOTTOM BRACKET Shimano Sora
    DERAILLEURS Shimano Sora Front & Rear
    CRANKS Shimano Sora, 30/39/50
    CHAIN Shimano HG53
    COGSET Shimano HG400 11-32T
    PEDALS Marwi SP823
    KICKSTAND Pletscher Comp - made in Switzerland
    FRONT LIGHT Busch&Muller Lumotec UPP, 30 LUX - made in Germany
    REAR LIGHT Busch&Muller Xeltec - made in Germany

    SKS ChromoPlastic - made in Germany



    52CM 5' 6" 5' 9"
    57CM 5' 9" 6' 1"
    62CM 6' 1" 6' 5"


    FAHRRADMANUFAKTUR COMPANY HISTORY: Fahrradmanufaktur (literally: bike manufacturer) builds strong, lightweight steel and aluminum bikes that are made for the sprawl of Berlin and the hills of North America. Fahrradmanufaktur originated with a group of Berlin retailers who were witnessing a boom in city cycling. They knew that heavy Dutch bikes couldn't provide solutions for big cities with sprawl and hilly topography. Frustrated with the sporting focus on the German bike industry, they first set up standards and approvals for a "no-nonsense" city bike, which ultimately led them to creating their own. Today Fahrradmanufaktur makes city bikes and touring bikes that are designed for life on two wheels. Fahrradmanufaktur is the evolution of the city bike, and we're pleased to be North America's first Fahrradmanufaktur retailer..

    How is a Fahrradmanufaktur different from other touring bikes?

    Great question! The difference is really between North American touring bikes and European touring bikes. European touring bikes have not been subject to the same boom-and-bust cycles as the North American touring bike and have thus evolved much more carefully. Whereas North American touring bikes today try to offset the problem of drop bars using frame geometry (higher head tubes), European touring bikes realized the problem was the drop handlebar, never the frame. By recognizing that multi-position bars needn't entail a vertical drop, European touring bikes provide multi-positions across a much more comfortable horizontal plane. The other big difference between North American touring bikes and European touring bikes might be described as "trust in technology." North American touring bikes often dumb the bike down in fear that parts will fail. This provides less safety and less ergonomics, as well as an arguably false sense of confidence. European parts tend to go through much higher testing protocols, and that's why its not uncommon to see a European tourist, riding on their third continent, confidently using gearbox systems like Pinion, hydraulic rim or disc brakes, or legendary unbreakable hubs like the Rohloff Speedhub. 

    What’s the difference between a brand like Fahrradmanufaktur and others you carry?

    We’re just going to say it: Fahrradmanufaktur are the best touring bike we’ve ever seen. Sure, it may not be as pretty as an Achielle, but it still beautiful, perhaps functionally so. And yeah, it’s functional. The frame is a rust-proof, strong and very lightweight aluminum – which is a bit disruptive to the traditional world of steel city bikes (but that’s just the point). The geometry is upright but still sporty enough to multitask city riding and longer weekend adventures. The parts are made in Europe and best-in-class: chaincovers from Hebie (Germany), kickstands from Pletscher (Switzerland), racks from Racktime (Germany), fenders from SKS (Germany), grips from Herrmans (Finland) and lights from Axa (Netherlands), Herrmans (Finland) and Busch & Muller (Germany). Durable for all weather, light enough to bring inside, great for the city, and great to bring up to the cottage too. Best of all, the prices are more than reasonable.

    What does Fahrradmanufaktur mean?

    It means “bike manufacturer,” because all of their bikes are literally made in Oldenburg, Germany. The company started by a group of urban retailers who were seeing the same increase in city cycling that we’ve seen here in North America, but weren’t seeing great options from the German bike industry – which is largely focused on recreational riding – or the Dutch and Scandinavian markets – which continue to produce heavier bikes for short-burst city commutes. Like North American brands like Simcoe, Fahrradmanufaktur took matters into their own hands, but unlike Simcoe, they had access to a wide breadth of well-designed European parts from purpose-built kickstands to lights to racks. Their bikes are almost… perfect.

    What is dynamo lighting?

    Cars come with lights and so should a city bike. Dynamo lightsets are an integrated system that generates electricity from the hub and blasts this into a bolted-on, theft-resistant light that projects more power than most battery systems so that you can see and be seen. Unlike the old days where the dynamo rubbed against the tire (slowing you down) the new systems are part of the front hub and are very low friction as well as very low maintenance. Most of the dynamo sets we carry feature a “standlight,” or capacitor which means they produce and store energy so that when you’re stopped the lights keep going. 

    How strong are the wheels and will I get a lot of punctures?

    The Fahrradmanufaktur Touring bikes take wheels very very seriously. There's nothing worse than a broken spoke in the middle of a tour, and Fahrradmanufaktur bikes all use more spokes (36 spokes as opposed to the standard 32), that are uncommonly thick at 13g (most spokes are a much thinner 14g). These are laced to heat-treated, made-in-Germany Exal double-walled rims and hubs that are always brand-name and highly serviceable (that way, in case things do go wrong, your wheels remain serviceable, not disposable).   

    How do I ensure my new bike won’t get stolen?

    Research shows that very few bicycle thefts are related to a bicycles value and are best defined as low-risk/low-return. A good bicycle lock is expensive to break through and takes time, thus increasing the risk and lowering the return. Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and that makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good Abus U-lock or a chain and you’ll be fine. You can read more about bike theft here.

    What’s the warranty?

    Ten year warranty for manufactures defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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