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The Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E Cargo Trike may be the most sophisticated cargo bike on the planet. Like Nihola, this is a three wheeled cargo bike with independent steering - also from Copenhagen. Unlike Nihola, this is a high performance cargo bike made for longer distances. Whereas conventional trikes tend to get tippy in higher-speed corners, the Butchers & Bicycles glues to the ground with its patented tilt steering. Add the Bosch e-assist, and the extra carrying weight is minimized so that it feels like you're riding a bike, not a schoolbus. Your kids never have had more fun, and that definitely goes for you too! 

All Butchers & Bicycles are fitted with the powerful & reliable Bosch Performance Line electrical assist motor.  

This B&B MK1-E features the ultra-low maintenance Nuvinci 380 hub with "stepless" technology (no clicks when you shift, just twist and that's the gear you're in!). Choose the optional Supernova E3 lights for a combined 410 lumens of ultra-bright illumination. 

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  • Questions? Book a consultation with one of our Cargo Bike experts
  • Bosch Performance Line eBike system with 400Wh Battery, Intuvia display and shifter.
  • Powder coated, hardened light weight aluminium frame - 7005 T6
  • Super tough and durable box (ABS, outer dim. 90 x 60 x 60 cm)
  • Easy-access transparent front door (PC) with child-safe lock
  • Integrated Isofix mount for standard infant car seats with Isofix interface
  • Nuvinci 380 internal gear hub with 380% gear range
  • Gates CDX belt drive 
  • Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes on 3 wheels
  • Quick release height adjustment for saddle and handlebar
  • Parking stand, operated from the driver’s position
  • Schwalbe Big Ben (Rear: 26 x 2,15 , front: 20 x 2.15)
  • Strong double wall aluminium rims
  • Alu-core black mudguards on all wheels
  • A4 grade stainless steel nuts and bolts
FRAME Hardened aluminum w/ powdercoat finish
BOX Lightweight impact-resistant ABS Plastic - Easy access front door
STEM Threadless, quick-release adjustable
GRIPS Rubber
BRAKES Tektro Hydraulic disc
BRAKE LEVERS Tektro Hydraulic
FRONT HUB(S) Sealed cartridge
REAR HUB Sealed cartridge
SPOKES Stainless steel
RIMS Alloy, double-walled
TIRES Schwalbe Big Ben
BOTTOM BRACKET Sealed cartridge
PEDALS Alloy w/ rubber top
RACK None, but easy to install one
FENDERS Lightweight, unbreakable Chromoplastic
OPTIONAL: x2 Super-bright Supernova E3 Pro Lights (205 lumens each) with ultra-compact E3 Tail-light
MK1-E 5' 4" 6' 4"
BUTCHERS & BICYCLES COMPANY HISTORY: As Copenhagen's bike culture spread from downtown to the suburbs, a higher-speed and safe solution was required. Butchers & Bicycles, named after Copenhagen's meatpacking district (and Denmark's love affair with bicycles) was started by entrepreneurs Morten Mogensen, Morten Wagener and Jakob Munk - three bike nuts with extensive engineering and industrial design experience. Mogensen and Wagener brought their engineering experience from NASDAQ-listed Vestas Windsystems to the bicycle, and Munk - a chief industrial designer at Menu A/S - brought intelligent, ergonomic design. The bike industry isn't used to this level of engineering or design, making Butchers & Bicycles a leader in future transportation design.

OK, what’s with the name?

Butchers & Bicycles started in Copenhagen’s famous meatpacking district, hence the name. We’ll admit it’s a bit strange, but that’s ok – the bike is truly amazing.


Will this take up a lot of space on the road?

Nope. The Butchers & Bicycles is like a European car, small but remarkably spacious. You’ll be just fine.


Tell me about the e-assist on this bike.

Sure. The Bosch Performance Line is a super powerful 350W system with a massive 75nm of torque, perfect for the accelerative stops-and-starts of a city and for exponential power uphill with a bin full of kids and groceries. It’s also light and very quiet.


How does this compare to other three-wheeled cargo bikes?

In many ways the Butchers & Bicycles behaves like a two-wheeled cargo bike since both styles tilt into corners and both require a foot down at a traffic light. The difference is that a two-wheeled bike doesn’t have the same traction and has a significantly longer wheelbase, both of which reduce handling. Nothing handles quite like this, except for the Babboe Carve (which does allow a foot down at a traffic light, if the tilt is set to ‘off’). But, unlike Babboe, Butchers & Bicycles uses a super light and stiff aluminum frame instead of steel and a Lexan plastic bin instead of wood. It’s an errand machine but also a bike for the performance cyclist who wants to go for a serious ride with the kids along. If you ride all winter, it’s a snowplow.


How the heck do I buy one of these?

Like Bullitt bikes (which are just down the street in Copenhagen), Butchers & Bicycles employs a parts-kit approach so you can dial in the bike of your dreams. You can choose between a high performance wide-range SRAM NX 1x11 derailleur system or the low maintenance Nuvinci 360 gear hub with Gates belt drive (no more oily chains!), as well a wide variety of high performance lighting options for midnight safety.


Can I use this bike for a business?
If you want to make the ultimate brand statement, this is it. Besides being a high-impact brand vehicle (literally), the bike itself invites conversation from both an aesthetic and technical point of view. Butchers & Bicycles offers several professional box options, all available by special order within short time windows. Email eric@curbsidecycle.com if you’re interested in learning more.


How many kids will this carry?

Two big kids or four small kids or a mixed-bag of three.


Can I put a car seat inside?

You sure can. Butchers & Bicycles makes a fully ISO certified mount that holds most car seats. The other option is the Babboe Baby Seat (yep, it fits!). It’s good for kids ages 2-8 months (and takes up far less space). As you move from either of these options we recommend the Babboe Toddler seat which usually covers ages 8 to 18 months.


Can I store it outside?

Of course. But if you are storing it outside during the winter we strongly recommend using an internal gear system since this is built for outdoor winter conditions.


Does the battery lock to the bike?
Yep. That’s one expensive chunk of Lithium Ion. It locks inside the glove compartment which itself also locks!


How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes five hours to charge the battery from flat to full, and there is no problem if you only charge the battery a little bit, halfway, or whatever. You’ll get over 1000 complete charges with the battery which is typically 5+ years of use before a replacement is required.


Is the unit serviceable?

You bet it is. For years the e-assist market was dominated by small fly-by-night companies with good ideas and no balance sheet. The consumer took all the risk and were often left with technical assistance phone numbers that no longer worked. Today’s systems are made by huge players like Bosch, Yamaha, and Shimano – and they are sophisticated, which means they are updateable, diagnosable, and if something does break, fundamentally repairable.


This is expensive! Will it get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.


What’s the warranty?

Two-year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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