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  • REHAB - 2021 - DEPOSIT (499105005619)
  • REHAB - 2021 - DEPOSIT (499105005619)
  • REHAB - 2021 - DEPOSIT (499105005619)
  • REHAB - 2021 - DEPOSIT (499105005619)




Available by Special Order
1 (866) 920-4933

The Nihola Rehab is specially designed to accommodate people with special needs. Based on the Nihola Family, the Rehab is specially developed for PANDA seats from R82 Inc. as well as other special seats. Dont worry - the seats are easily removable and interchangeable. The Rehab is also equipped with a transparent front and a large window for the rain hood, guaranteeing an unobstructed view for your child. Handmade in Copenhagen from powder-coated steel and a lightweight Lexan cargo box, the Rehab features Nihola's independent steering, allowing for the stability of three wheels with the agile performance of a two-wheel cargo bike. 

Supplied with maintenance-free components and durable materials throughout, the Rehab keeps repairs to a minimum. A Shimano V-brake on the rear and Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes on the front are strong and dependable, while the brilliant Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal geared hub means no worries year-round whatever the weather.

The large cargo box has a 100kg capacity and comes standard with low entry (42cm) for easy access. The box can be optionally fitted with an open front and easy-access aluminum door. Riding should be fun for everyone, and the Nihola Rehab is built to ensure that any special needs passengers can get the ultimate cargo bike experience, no sacrifices necessary. 

  • Questions? Book a consultation with one of our Cargo Bike experts
  • Special Order only: 8-10 weeks delivery
  • Lightweight, fast, maneuverable "Bakfiets" cargo bike for children with special needs
  • Independent steering creates a fast, stable and very maneuverable bike
  • Upright “Dutch” riding position for all day comfort and visibility
  • Tough Hi-Tensile galvanized steel frame with a chip-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Lexan plastic curved cargo box with optional easy access Aluminum door and secure fastening point for your child
  • Shimano Nexus 8 internal gearing is pretty much maintenance free
  • Sturmey Archer drum brakes and rear V brake are both powerful and low maintenance
  • Designed for perpetual outdoor storage
  • Fully enclosed chain guard to keep clothing looking fresh
  • Rain Tent included for all weather conditions
  • The Box is available in 13 great colours
  • Maximum Capacity: 200kg (Box=100kg, Rider=100kg)
FRAME Handmade Danish steel with black powdercoated finish - Other colours available for special order
BOX Lightweight impact-resistant Lexan Plastic - Multiple colour options
DOOR Optional aluminum easy access with secure catch
STEM Alloy high rise - Quill
GRIPS Comfort Rubber
SEATPOST Alloy micro-adjust - 25.4
SEAT CLAMP Quick Release
SEAT Gel - Double sprung
BRAKES Sturmey Archer Drum brakes front & Shimano V-brake rear
BRAKE LEVERS Magura resin with built in parking lock
SHIFTER Shimano Nexus 8 Revo shifter
FRONT HUB(S) Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes
REAR HUB Shimano Nexus 8
SPOKES Stainless steel 13G
RIMS Alloy, double-walled 20" front, 26" rear
TIRES Schwalbe Marathon Plus
BOTTOM BRACKET Shimano Sealed cartridge
CRANKS Alloy forged - 170mm - 38T
COGSET Shimano Nexus 19T
PEDALS Alloy with rubber top
RACK Optional
FENDERS Lightweight, unbreakable Chromoplastic
LOCK AXA Cafe Lock
BIKE DIMENSIONS 200 x 89 x 110cm
BOX DIMENSIONS 88 x 62 x 50cm
BIKE WEIGHT 32kg / 70.5Lbs
REHAB 5' 4" 6' 4"
NIHOLA COMPANY HISTORY: Nihola was created in 1998 after Dutch mechanical engineer Niels Holme Larson (hence Ni Ho La) attended a bike exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen. The following day, a critic from the Danish newspaper Politiken concluded that bicycles would only be able to compete against cars when they could transport two children and groceries at the same time. After reading the article and review, Niels decided to build such a bike, resulting in the now well-known Nihola bikes.

In the nearly 20 years that have passed, we've seen an evolution of the cargo bike for use in all facets of life. The success of the Family model has expanded into proprietary models for promotional and corporate advertising, commercial delivery, mobility aids for rehab, handicap and wheelchair use and even a transport solution for your pets. Used the world over by family’s and royalty alike and with over 10,000 sold in Copenhagen alone, Nihola has become a success story like no other and still continue to push the concepts of traditional cargo bikes and lead the charge on innovating the way we move through our streets and cities.

How much can the Nihola Rehab carry?

All Nihola trikes can carry 100kg (220lbs) plus the rider.

Will this take up a lot of space on the road?

Not really, most bike lanes are 1.5 – 2 meters wide and the Nihola is only 89cm wide, leaving plenty of room for other transport users to pass.

Can I store it outside?

You sure can! The Nihola is built for perpetual outdoor storage. It’s pretty rare that someone in Denmark would have indoor storage so bikes just get parked in the street. Plus, they salt the roads just like Toronto does in winter. The frames are painted with a highly chip-resistant powder-coat, and beneath the powder-coat lies a thick rust-resistant undercoat. Of course, the gears and front brakes are internally sealed so they will keep operating no matter the weather.

What is the maintenance like?
Very low! Because the Nihola uses internal gears and internal drum brakes the intervals between tune-ups are few and far between. We recommend oil on the chain and air in the tires every three weeks. All Nihola bikes come standard with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires; the most puncture-resistant tires on the market.

How does this compare to other trikes?

Nihola makes the lightest, most stable and best handling cargo bike on the market. While other brands steer the entire box, the Nihola’s front wheels steer independently. And, while competing brands add high-performance tilt steering, Nihola questions the practicality and safety of such systems. Finally, by using high-impact Lexan plastic rather than wood, the Nihola is up to 40% lighter competing brands, less maintenance (at some point all wood will rot) and significantly safer.

Can I get a different coloured rainhood?

Sure! The default colour is always black, but if you’re ordering this online just specify the colour you’d prefer in the checkout notes and if we have it in stock we’ll do a swap for free.

Is there an e-assist option?

Nihola does not make a mid-drive e-assist like Urban Arrow or Babboe, but it works perfectly with a Bionx system. We recommend the Bionx 350RX, it has a ton of power and it’s a breeze for us to set-up. Total cost for the switcheroo is around $2500.

Can I put a car seat inside?

You sure can! The Nihola comes with a cargo X-strap that fixes (most) car seats to the bottom panel. The other option is the Babboe Baby Seat (which works on a Nihola perfectly). It’s good for kids ages 2-8 months (and takes up far less space). As you move from either of these options we recommend the Babboe Toddler seat which usually covers ages 8 to 18 months.

Can I put a childseat on the back?

Yes. It is a very common sight in Denmark to see a family with three children to put the oldest one on the back. We recommend the Yepp Junior, which can take a child up to 80lbs. We do not recommend a front-mounted childseat since the footrests can get in the way of your kids in the box (it also catches the rainhood).

What’s the rear wheel lock good for?

The rear-wheel lock is a clever design built for short in-and-out errands where finding a locking-pole may take longer than the errand. The rear-wheel lock lets you momentarily lock the bike to itself. It’s great if you need to quickly dash in and out to grab a coffee or at the park having a picnic.

This is expensive! Will it get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

Two-year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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