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  • Indoor Winter Storage for your Bicycle at Curbside Cycle




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COVID-19 UPDATE: To reduce crowding we ask that all repairs are booked online to minimize crowding onsite. To book an assessment, please reserve a spot with a $10 deposit. We will assess your bike and deduct the $10 when you pick up your bike. Please select the tune-up you feel is right as this allocates your bike to the proper specialist. Please add cleaning if your bike is dirty! 

Not into riding all winter? Want a place to keep your bike cozy and get a tune-up too? Drop off your bike and we'll safely store it over the winter. Best of all, we'll perform our Annual Tune-up so that come Spring, you're ready to ride! All we ask is that your bike is picked up no later than April 1st, 2020 (we will add a $10/day labour charge per day after April 1st). Due to space, we cannot store cargo bikes. 

Our annual tune-up gets your bike working properly and back to safety. We adjust and tune your bikes gears and brakes, straighten your wheels, and perform all required yearly preventive maintenance, including adjustment and tuning of all ball-bearing assemblies, torque-adjustment of all bolts, lubrication of all external parts and either a light cleaning or optional full cleaning. Finally, our Annual Tune-up includes the labour cost on the installation of all wearing parts (things like brake pads, cables, and chains and cogs). Wearing parts are the parts you should expect to replace every year. 


  • $200 including tune-up
  • $10 appointment deposit is deducted off final invoice 
  • $10 is non-refundable if customer does not show up
  • Store your bike and pick up in Spring - all tuned up!
  • Adjust and tune gears and brakes
  • Straight, re-tension and balance wheels
  • Preventative maintenance (adjustment of bearing assemblies, external lubrication, tightening)
  • Light wipe down or optional cleaning
  • Includes labour cost for annual re-installation of all wearing parts (cables, housing, drivetrain, brake pads - except drum brakes)
  • All parts are extra and are assessed at appointment
  • Does not include cargo bikes
  • Bike must be picked up no later than April 1, 2020
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Our Mechanics are as special as Curbside : While most bike stores carry sporty bikes (mostly for for men), our mechanics are an inclusive bunch of specialists who fix an inclusive range of bikes! Whether your bike is old or new, a city bike, cargo bike, folding bike, or e-assist bike, and no matter what technologies - belt drives, hydraulics, dynamos, internal gears, drum brakes - we know how to keep your bike performing and you the rider safe!

Why do I need a tune-up?

All bikes need a yearly tune-up, if only to make sure things are safe! While all customers experience better performing brakes and shifting after a tune-up, the truth is that most time spent in a tune-up concerns preventative maintenance - making sure your bearing assemblies (crankset, steering, wheels) are properly tightened and adjusted, as well as checking the torque settings on each nut and bolt. 

What are "wearing parts? 

Most parts on your bicycle never need to be replaced, but the parts that experience a high level of friction should be replaced each year. You braking and shifting should always feel smooth and light, and if they aren't that's a sign that your cables are rusty or your cable housing worn. Likewise, brake pads should be replaced each year, and if you have an external drivetrain (a derailleur system, unlike an internal system) you should expect to replace this every year or two years (depending on how much you ride and when you ride i.e., winter cycling). 

What if I pick my bike up before April 1st? Does the price go down? 

Nope! Our winter storage is basically the same price as our Annual Tune-up with storage thrown in for free, and we can't offer discounts on free!

How about cargo bikes? Can you store cargo bikes?

This we cannot do, due to space! 

Why do you charge extra to clean my bike? 

Unlike a car, a bike is an assembly of nooks and crannies and it takes a human, a cloth, and a lot of time to clean a bike to shiny condition. Our bike cleaning also includes drivetrain cleaning, so if your drivetrain is especially dirty after a winter cycling, please select bike cleaning!

Why can't you fix my bike while I wait? 

We wish we could, but even with a sophisticated booking system we can't regulate the size of the jobs until the bike is in front of us. What we always promise is to call you the minute your bike is done, that way if it's done early you can get it early!

When is the best time to drop off my bike? 

When you book a tune-up with us you will be dropping your bike off for an assessment first. While our tune-ups cover most assessable labour we do need to determine what wearing parts or non-wearing parts are required and whether any additional labour is required. The assessment generally takes 15-30 minutes and the best time to drop off your bike is between 11am to 4pm as this is a slower time of day. Dropping your bike off after 4pm can mean you might have to stand in a line-up. We kindly ask that you don't drop off your bike after 6pm. 

Can I bring my bike in the day of the tune-up? 

Yes. But only if you bring it in at 11am sharp, without exception. 

Got any questions? Email us at online@curbsidecycle.com

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